Lockeland – Til the Cows Come Home

Single Review: Lockeland – Til the Cows Come Home

by Fatima Alerou for Country Music News International


Far From Another Country Song

There’s an old saying about not judging a book by its cover. Song titles should be added to that saying. With a name like Lockeland, my interest was piqued. A band called Lockeland seems like a typical country band name (if there is such a thing). When I looked further into this country band, their top song really stood out. With a title like “’Til the Cows Come Home,” it would be hard not to expect a typical country song. I was expecting words about building a farm and having that good ole country life, but this song exceeded my expectations.  I judged its name before giving it a chance, the same way we can judge books or individuals. With books, the mind can easily change with every word. Individuals, human beings, can be quick to judge each other based on first appearances or interactions. I’m not saying this song is ending judgment at first sight (or judgement at first hearing), but it gave me a pause that we all need from time to time.

This pause in “’Til the Cows Come Home” began with the very first note. The song starts with a very strong drumming sound. Most country songs I’ve listened to tend to have a twangy guitar start; furthermore, the strings instruments tend to lead the way. For this song to be led by the drums, gave me a moment of pause. Then, the guitar riffs started coming in. The rest of the instruments joined in, and the members started singing. As the lyrics hit me, I began to feel this warmth. This was a love song, a rock, country romance song. I don’t know what girl he “wanted to love,” but I was all for it. In fact, it felt like I was the one being sung to. It felt like I was the only girl this man saw. It didn’t feel forced or awkward. “I wanna love you ‘til the cows come home” sounded like the perfect way to embody the rest of the lyrics. That’s what gave it its true country roots.

Watch interview Lockeland here: https://countrymusicnewsinternational.com/lockeland-interview-by-christian-3/

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