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Interview with Lucy Angel

Interview with Lucy Angel

by Christian Lamitschka for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

Interview with Lucy Angel
Christian Lamitschka: I’m Christian Lamitschka and today I present you one of the awesome girl bands here in Nashville, I believe they will not call themselves a girl-band, but it’s Lucy Angel.
Lucy Angel: Hey!
Christian Lamitschka: Hey girls. Would you please introduce yourselves to the country fans in Europe who might be hearing about you for the first time. Who of you would like to start.
Lucy Angel: Hey guys, I’m Emily. Hi, I’m Lindsey. I’m Kate. Together we’re Lucy Angel. We are all related. Lindsey and I are sisters and this is our mom.
Christian Lamitschka: I think it’s a hard job to tour with a mom, but with two of you (daughters) might be a harder job. So tell us about experience.
Lucy Angel: (Kate) Do I have to step out? (laughingly)
Christian Lamitschka: No you can be here, your welcome!
Lucy Angel: You know we would be hanging out anyway as a group, even if we weren’t on the road performing. She’s truly my best friend. Lindsey and my mom really do get along and have a great time.
Christian Lamitschka: Definitely, I know that girls need a little bit longer in the bathroom. I believe it’s a hard way when you’re touring. I believe it’s a hard way when you’re touring. Is there a lottery who can go first?
Lucy Angel: No, we actually have it down, Mom goes first, then it’s sort of a toss-up between who goes next because if we’re gonna wash our hair that day, then that’s who goes. We alternate washing the hair days every other day. So always mom, and then either Lindsey or I. But here’s the main issue that we have is, there is not enough outlets near the mirrors in all the hotels. The first question when we are booking (at a hotel) is how many mirrors do you have and are there plugs by the mirrors. (Laughingly).
Christian Lamitschka: Let’s come to the music you are playing. Could you give us a little idea about what kind of music you are playing?
Lucy Angel: Yea, I would say it’s country with a groove. With our harmonies we have a lot peddle tone harmonies, kind of like Blue Grass harmony. Up against some rocking guitars. There’s some amazing just production and arrangements on the five song-EP (extended play) that we have. They are all different, not just one style.
Christian Lamitschka: I know you have an album on the market, please tell us about the songs and what’s the title of the album?
Lucy Angel: It’s self-titled.
Christian Lamitschka: Well self-title, wooow. How many songs are on the CD?
Lucy Angel: It’s EP that we have out right now and there are five song. We are going back into the studio and record a few more, to finish off the album. Then there will be a title on the album to the album on that one. We didn’t want to blow the title on the EP. When the full album comes out it’s to be a cool name on the title.
Christian Lamitschka: Interestingly you are married. And you (Emily) are single.
Lucy Angel: I am.
Christian Lamitschka: Okay!! Private phone number please! (Laughing) No. I’m kidding. When fans like to get more information about you, do you have My Space, are you on a website?
Lucy Angel:  www.lucyangel.com is our website. You can actually access our Facebook, Twitter, My Space. We have a U Tube Channel, which you should absolutely check out. We upload a new video each week, it’s called Lucy Angel on Safari. It’s just all sorts of adventures that a day in the life with Lucy Angel, yes.
Christian Lamitschka: What is the best road story?
Lucy Angel: That we can tell. For a couple of weeks we got pulled over three times by the police for speeding. Our road manager, the driver. You know you’re not from that town and sometimes there is a different speed limit and than it changes, so they catch you. Once police comes towards both sides of the car and they were like, ‘Mam, can you but both your hands on the steering wheel. I was looking for the registration in the glove box. And he says ‘can you put your hands on the dash board’. I asked if there was a problem and he asked. The officer asked for the passenger’s license; all of us asked why her, she is not driving. Then he asked for all our license. It ended telling him we were in a Band on radio tour and checked all our licenses and CDs, (laughing) and he didn’t give us a ticket. Another time, actually our car broke down in Jackson, Tennessee. We ended up taking it to the Ford Dealer Ship and everyone was coming out of the woodwork because we were a band. We were signing CDs and then they asked if we would sing for them. Literally we sang at the service center and we were not charged.

Christian Lamitschka ( Ch.Lamitschka@t-online.de )

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