Devin Dawson The Pink Slip

CD Review: Devin Dawson – The Pink Slip EP

by Joanna Demee for Country Music News International

Range Rover 3:18

I Got a Truck 3:44

Not On My Watch 3:38

Whatever Forever Is 3:38

He Loved Her 3:30

Who’s Gonna Hold Ya 2:55


Range Rover

Devin here tries to pass a message to the rest of us, appearance is not everything, even if you are in a relationship with a perfect ten, but you feel that they are not for you, just leave. Better off alone than with someone who does not fill you with joy, but makes you feel insecure, that they only need you for a ‘Range Rover’. However obviously, Devin’s in love with cars, for dedicating two titles on them, this and ‘I Got a Truck’.

Whatever Forever Is

Now this song talks about moments with his lover, that she mean everything to him, and he wouldn’t mind spending an eternity with her, as she fulfills him and in his eyes she’s an angel that came down to earth. A love song, but with such a catchy rhythm, this is ;Whatever Forever Is’, is my Davin’s favorite so far.

He Loved Her

A song dedicated, not to a woman, but to his life. Singing for an elder, who enjoys his life with all the little things that surround him, like drinking beer, having his dog as a companion, he does not need a new truck to make him feel happy, but he is honest and just wants to spend his time as he likes.

Devin’s songs are filled about small stuff that you need in life to make you happy and values, like being honest and keeping your word, and not bother anyone, and love a person for an eternity because it does not matter if the rest of the world likes them, but what matters is that they are perfect to you. A nice album, which was released about a month ago, and it is definitely worth a listen.




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