Country Music News International Radio Show Playlist June 23

Country Music News International Radio Show Playlist June 23rd, 2023

9 pm – 11 pm (CET) GER, 2 pm – 4 pm (CST) USA, 8 pm – 10 pm (GMT) UK

Goodbye World Goodbye                                                         Anthony Burger

Live Again                                                                                       Kingsmen

Never Been a Right Way                                                            Amos & Margret Raber

He Did Not Fail                                                                              Kingdom Heirs

Can I Get an Amen                                                                                  Brandon Rowell

Grandpa’s Way                                                                            Jim Hamill

That Day at Calvery                                                                     The Cathedrals

Turn Your Back                                                                             Justified QT

Come on In                                                                                    Guardians QT

Joy Unspeakable                                                                          Kim Hopper

Address Change Notification                                                    SouthBound

Go Burn That Plow                                                                                  Troy Richardson

At the Foot of Jesus                                                                     Kentucky Yoder

Jesus                                                                                                Nelons

I Don’t Want to Get Adjusted                                                   Kim Hopper

The Old Man is Dead                                                                   Del Way

Dance                                                                                                          Karen Peck & New River

One Pair of Hands                                                                       Carroll Robinson

Goodbye World Goodbye                                                         Anthony Burger

Hallelujah Side                                                                              The Trio

That’s Why I Call It Home                                                                      The Redeemed QT

Walking Down the Road                                                            David Johnson

Yesterday                                                                                       The Cathedrals

Next Cloud                                                                                     Kingsmen

Little Eyes                                                                                       Authentic Unlimited

A Love Down Deep in my Heart                                                          The Rochester’s

Older People                                                                                 Greater Vision

Hammer On                                                                                              McBride Family

He’s Been so Good to Me                                                          Dignity Gospel QT

I Want to Tell You About My Jesus                                          Dignity Gospel QT

I Am What I Am                                                                            Talley Trio

Just Find Jesus                                                                               Del Way

First Things First                                                                           Tim & Mary Lovelace

Tell Me One More Time About Jesus                                      Vince Gill

Jesus It’s Me Again                                                                                  Dick Damron

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