Chase Wright – Why Should We Lying With You

CD Review: Chase Wright – Why Should We Lying With You

by Antony Bailey for Country Music News International

Chase Wright’s recently released ‘Why Should We’ is packed with raw emotional energy and enables him to truly stamp his footprint on the country scene as well as taking the genre in to a whole new area. The subtle fluctuation of dynamics allows him to showcase his tessitura by hitting higher notes and making great use of timbre and dynamics throughout the various sections of the song. The song starts with a two-bar intro before leading in to the first verse where it builds to a crescendo towards the end of the verse where we start to notice a gradual increase in vocal range and instrumentation. It is the chorus that really packs a punch dynamically and the lyrics are delivered in a passionate and heartfelt manner as the message of the song is rather melancholy and it is personal to him. In a recent interview with ‘Country Now’ he said the song came from a feeling he had from a recent trip to Nashville where there is a ‘’pressure to go out and be in the social scene’’

Music is one of many arts where it can be interpreted in multiple forms and this song is certainly no exception. In the same interview, Wright stated he was happy with the audience interpreting the lyrics differently so ‘’people can apply their own spin to it’’ allowing the audience to break free and go on their own emotional journey with the song.  The song has already reached almost a million views on YouTube, and I believe this song will take Wright’s career further expanding his reach far beyond the United States.

There is a lot more to come from Chase Wright in the future as fans will be poised to pounce on another of his new released singles entitled ‘’Lying With You’’ which is both reflective and heavy hitting from a drumming point of view as the rhythm section is locked in. It takes on a similar form to ‘Why Should We’ structurally and the use of dynamics is almost parallel. It is another song that enables Wright to showcase his talents and certainly won’t disappoint his fans

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