Brett Young Weekends Look A Little Different These Days Part II

CD Review: Brett Young – Weekends Look A Little Different These Days

by Nikhila Jain for Country Music News International


Released:  June 2021

Weekends Look a little different these days 3:04

Lady 3:14

This 2:54

Dear Me 3:40

Leave Me Alone 3:03

Not Yet 2:54

You Got Away with It 3:02

You Didn’t 3:45


Brett Young brings the eight sensational songs with the album, ‘Weekends Look A Little Different These Days’. The album is a mix of Young’s present life as a Dad, his past love experiences and experiences with his co-workers. A new dad Young portrays, how his life has changed from being single to married and being a DAD. You can’t keep yourself away from the overwhelming emotions that run through each track. Get immersed in the musical journey with Brett Young, and embrace that the Weekends will look a little different these days.


Weekends Look a little different these days

It is a title track that will connect instantly with all the new Dads out there, and you can relate to what Young would be feeling. Brett Young sings out his heart with the track, and you can feel the lyrics that beautifully portrays his feelings of being a Dad and how his life has changed forever. Brett enjoys everything that he does for his baby, right from toys to clothes and bottles. A classic contrast of how he used to sleep all day long and the world would spin around him, and after being a father, how his world revolves around the baby. He used to think that he was living, but now he realised that his life was empty. How true? We all feel the same that our kids have changed so many things that we used to do. After being a parent, we realise the happiness that they had brought to us.



Brett sings for the two most important Ladies in his life, his daughter and wife. How his heart skipped a beat when he first heard the heartbeat, and how he dearly wants his daughter to be like his wife. Like every father, he would be there for his baby, but he knows that his wife would know how a lady had to be. He wants his daughter to love her mother and strengthen the bond between a daughter and a mother. How a mother can help her come out of the heartbreak, and how can she teach her to be the lady she would be. He wants their daughter to be strong and beautiful like his wife. It is a heartfelt composition by Brett. It will take your heart away, and it will bring the childhood memories you had with your mother.



With ‘This’, Brett once again feels grateful for the way his life is. He remembers every fight, dream, ups and downs and thank the Lord for whatever had passed by to make his life what it is. A beautiful transitioning song by Young, my personal favourite, where he so truly sings that life throws a lot at us, and we feel that’s it, but when time passes by, we realise that time transformed us and made us into a strong self of us today.


Dear Me

Brett Young reflected on his past life and believed that he would thank the Almighty and accept that whatever had happened had a meaning. He steers you along with his feelings and things that didn’t work out with his ex-love. It is a heartfelt song that will take you along with Brett on his emotional journey of lonely nights, heartbreak and the positivity that lets him go on.


Leave Me Alone

With Leave Me Alone, Young pours out his frustration and how desperately he wants things to end. He doesn’t want to carry his heartache all along and awaits a new beginning.


Not Yet

The song is a tribute to two people in love and how they don’t want the night to end. It is the ocean of feelings that yearn for each other and the love that flows in between them. A journey with stars and intimacy brings out the best that life offers to two people in love.


You Got Away With It

Brett brings in a fresh and flirty side with ‘You Got Away With It’. The energy and upbeat rhythm make it a fast track. He accepts the fact that she stole his heart, and he doesn’t want it back. He sings for every moment that had brought him closer to the love he had felt.


You Didn’t

Brett redeems himself with the yearning song “You Didn’t” – a musical track that emotionally impacts him with the heartbreak. He had given out his heart for a relationship that had a different meaning to him and his partner. They followed a path that was not taking them to the same destination. He accepts the truth even though it is bitter. Brett consoles his partner that simply it is different for them.


Brett Young’s eight musical tracks take you on a journey of joy that he felt being a dad to how things were different in his past life. A story of Brett’s life so far and how things that didn’t work out in the past had a meaningful impact on his present life. With life’s ups and downs, Brett brings to you a piece of classic country music that will embrace you.

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