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Bill Abernathy Interview Part 5

Bill Abernathy Interview Part 5

by Christian Lamitschka for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

Lamitschka: What can your fans expect to see when they see you in concert?

Abernathy: They will see me playing my many guitars, singing songs, telling stories and having a good time. If you want to see dancing backup singers, maybe my shows are not for you. ha-ha

Lamitschka: When you’re on tour, do you have time to play tourist?

Abernathy: Of course. When touring it can be a grind. Taking some time for yourself and seeing the places you get to visit is critical to stay sane on a tour.

Lamitschka: Do fans mob you everywhere you go or do they respect your privacy?

Abernathy: LOL – I don’t have rowdy fans, and folks are very good about respecting my privacy, and thank you for that.

Lamitschka: Many music fans today get their information about artists online. Do you have your own website and what will fans find there?

Abernathy: www.billabernathy.com is my site. There you will find more information about my songs, some of the press we get, and of course there are opportunities to pick up albums and merchandise we offer

Lamitschka: What’s the best compliment a fan has ever given you?

Abernathy: “Thank you for writing and playing that song. It means so much to me”

Lamitschka: What’s your favorite song that you wish you could have recorded?

Abernathy: Dan Fogelberg’s Part of the Plan. Fantastic song.

Lamitschka: What message would you like to send your European fans?

Abernathy: Hang in there. This thing will clear up eventually and I am planning on doing some tours in Europe. Until then, let’s stay connected online.

Lamitschka: You have a new love in your life? Can you tell us something about it?

Abernathy: I have new pup. His name is WORF and he is spectacular. He is almost 5 months old and is doing really well. He will be my travel companion and studio pup for a long long time

Lamitschka: Fans are always hungry for good road stories. Do you have one you can share with us (come on don’t be shy)?

Abernathy: I refuse to answer on the grounds that I WILL incriminate myself. Ha-ha.  

Lamitschka: Describe what a perfect day is like for you.

Abernathy: Coffee, light breakfast, guitars and words. I really cherish the days that I can just set back and write to my hearts content without interruptions.

Lamitschka: Most careers don’t last as long as yours.  What’s given your career the staying power?

Abernathy: Evidently, I just refuse to quit. Honestly, I still think I am improving and getting better at this craft of songwriting. I will continue until I just can’t do it anymore.

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