Aaron Tippin You Have Got To Stand For Soething

CD Review: Aaron Tippin – You Have Got To Stand For Soething

By Stanley Mwene For Country Music News International

  1. Ain’t That Hell Of A Note
  2. I Wonder How Far It Is Over Y…
  3. I Have Got A Good Memory
  4. In My Wildest Dreams
  5. Many, Many, Many Beers Ag…
  6. She Made A Memory O…
  7. The Man That Came Between
  8. The Sky’s Got The Blue….
  9. Up Against You
  10. You Have Got To Stand For Something.

Little History Of Aaron Tippin

Aaron Dupree Tippin was born on 3rd July, 1958. He is an American Country music singer, songwriter and record producer. Initially, he was a songwriter for Acuff-Rose Music. He gained a recording contract with RCA Nashville in 1990.

Aaron was influenced to music by such legendary country artists as Jimmie Rodgers, Hank Thompson, and Lefty Frizzel.He began playing guitar and performing at the age of 10 years.

Ain’t That Hell Of A Note. I will keep a young home like I had every day for. What you tip every day come, she must keep every day for, in a span of this on the paper. Look like she keeps notes to do. For she writes down number six, relax for we too.

Wow, the promo good to do today. Wow, I decided to a little today. It has been for you to say. You see what I am trying to say. Do not forget to take up that dress. I am trying to fall that coming back. You cannot hold till we lose.

Too better that hell of a note. And it is good at times, I heed at its much drums to the flow. And I leave to the much traps. You see it is much a little drop. I will stop at no much good. You have been at no much comes to see way back no more. And I got coming up.

Wow, the prom makes good today. That in fact, got moving away, who drove had been away. You will say seeing people moving away. I will say, I take up the trends. I am saying I will fall back It is you to hold what you real know. I will be back and you real know. I better you real know.

I Wonder How Far It Is Over You. This is an amazing romantic music. I have got my coughs over, how are you? You lack doors, I know you are with the kids. The grudge will be yours. In a cross it takes you walking red line. I will pave you close to Mexico. You are still in my mind.

It has been a long way to sleep. You are now, as I must take every step. As I will be able around, I wonder how this about. I really show you, then I place my elbow, then you come down. When I let you see, I will be with you.

I wonder how far I will with you. I was deeply taking care of you. I badly made my brain, you see I love you again. In a bit little, that noble time I am staying back as you used to allow ‘mama’. I am still allowing towards little blue towards, you are close to my memory.

I wonder how far are you. If you know place I go, that you would come to. For when I close to see you, on your back we were. I wonder how far it over you. I pack my car outside where you are, little you lack doors that allow there with the kids because it is there you are.

I Have Got A Good Memory. It was a cold day free, exactly none of us made a little memory. It could have still as it used to be and it is good I had a good memory. A good memory is actually good having. It was you best to have a good ‘mama’.

Till you love her, what you tell her would be is easy how you used to play it. Good memory, makes heavy smart. What you plan, is what you keep pressing. And each coming back has been, is good to pay back. Good memory is hardly living.

Who is you best ‘mama’, you will love her. What you love me, you used to pay. Good memory used to pay. Good memory is hardly to keep and was your best ‘mama’. You love her, you need also to love me. We used to play with a cool memory. We used to play with a good memory.

In My Wildest Dreams. This is another beautiful romantic music. I will be with you living beauties who makes me in my imagination. I don’t know how to make every piece of imagination. I was made to dream about you. You are the one on the swinging doors I talk about.

I miss you doing in my world. I will be talking about you living in my dreams. Did you know good night just to rescue me? What is ain’t like you. You are in my wild dreams. I always think you are able to sit down next to me as I see myself.

This is really good to me. You look like people around. You sound so nice to me. I love you. You need my love history. I like talking as little friends to you. Did you call good night just to rescue me? What you think I like you, you are within my world.

Are you still making me wild ‘mama’. I was a bone back marrow. I won’t be without you. You need my wild dream. I will be talking a little maths to you. How did you come good night? You used to rescue me. What the angel I lack you in my world of dreams. I lack you in my words in the dreams.

Many, Many ,Many Beers Ago. This is a beautiful romantic music. Within regards to her, and I do not stand to her to lead how what to talk. She used to allow me so because she used to make me so. I make nobody to use penny on my way.

Allows you to use your penny actually do not know whose many, many, many beers ago. I allow you what to use what you are. You used to tell her for me, who you are. You do not need to dislodge. Whose many, many, many beers ago.

I am marking, what I wonder is whose making you down. I wonder whom I am missing. I am missing you baby girl. It has been many, many, many beers ago.

She Made A Memory Out Of Me. This is also another powerful romantic song.  Looking men almost down, every good memory out of me, oh you had found I was looking at you back imagine at my memory. For you are in me. Yes, for this I know, still how you see?

I lack, I was getting you down. About how we used to live, in the home made of me. For we are to be, Lonely I am so down for I am missing you. For we live I want you. I imagine for you are not set to re-battle back. It has made me to be lonely.

Here it is you see, I want us to settle down. About peace we live. Her is a homemade of me. For we are the main, here are home made of me Maria. For this are to know the pack, here we are you see. I lack I was getting you down. For order piece to live. For a homemade of me, here we are to be. Back baby make me, for we are of me.

The Man That Came Between Us. This is also another awesome romantic song. It has been got me sometimes I believe that you are the ones for you are the ever I need you out. For we used to know out, I need to tell you what I got out. It all you turned to go for it was about the little man paved you should know.

The man came between us, and I had to ought to be number one. And there you are about you and he was sharply between us. Looking the mirror within the day, burying what you see. Burying between us. I do not know; I am sorry to make us or he has to make us crush.

I can promise you, surely I am going to try out if you could give me a chance. I will treat you as prince and you will love it. Let’s pray that I love you. Oh the mam that came between us, giving out order number one. He doesn’t care about you as it is supposed to be done.

Looking the mirror during the day, I will come to see, the man that came between us has been tormenting.

The Sky’s Got The Blues. We have got the sky clouds bye, with you babe in the afternoon. With you in the afternoon I can hear you sing. You have been with her and the people. For I am working now with her and reason hoping this way.

Since you have been out with around the stars during the day. Sky’s got the blues, like I have gotten for you. All the sky has got the blues, that has got nothing to look to you. With you people the day, has got to you say to me. As the sky’s got the blues today, everyone I revive noting has to be proving and has got to shine.

For we many things to do, we need. None has got my minds, for I had to change. I take myself, for it has got the concern to the sky’s has got the blues. As the sky’s got the blue, it has got the concern for you. I have got nothing to look beautiful. It is just another shade for me, as the sky’s got the blues today.

Up Against You. Oh we yee! I have been my beg we wow, that makes me against your trouble. That my time turn around my against you.  I need to play unto you. I have never been in ageing you and lack you. You have been back to insinuations, why babe this lose.

You saw such, you have been my life. Actually, I have been never against you and anything. We have been as reduced men. We have been to allow love the day we met. You tell me every way it goes. I have never been against you. You tell bad luck you. A happy situation, maybe this holy. I used to serve church. So I lack love, I will be your record. I will be never up against you anything bad lack you.

You Have Got To Stand For Something. This is a beautiful love song. I did not invite trouble, could came around. Everyone do me we deserve to be around in every world we grow. Down we stand right, would always we stand we know everyone was right.

Say you have got to stand for something. We could allow for anything that can be your own man house free. Never come mercy outright that can bow your right man. You have got to stand for something wow could be.

We are made to be allowed around what we have. We need to know more giving, little more baggy down. We are always been doing, we have been easy buys when we have to sleep tonight. We have got to stand for something about anything.

You cannot be your own man; we are to understand ever come to mine we try. And call your family tonight, we have got to sleep. I know dreams differ but we are for that day. you believe, makes mine as there is no change. We have got to stand for something as you are already anything. I have got to be you holy man, as we are always free.

Never mind as we have got both to try as, as a family man, we have got to do something. Wow, could think, we have got to stand for something.
















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