Ward Davis! Doing It His Way!

Ward Davis! Doing It His Way!

Story by Tom Bomb for Country Music News International

You’ve heard him before. In fact you’ve heard him without realizing it. But I can guarantee that you’ve heard him. His name is Ward Davis and he is an American Singer/Songwriter from Monticello, Arkansas but is now a fixture of a new and burgeoning phenomenon in country music that includes artists such as Cody Jinks, Josh Morningstar, Alex Williams…and the list goes on from there. He has also written songs such as “So What If I Do” for Trace Adkins, “Unfair Weather Friend” for Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard, as well as songs for Wade Hayes, Sammy Kershaw, Bucky Covington, Jimmie Van Zant, Buddy Jewell, Carolina Rain, The Roys, and many others. His most recent work includes co-writing “I’m Not The Devil” with Cody Jinks, with whom he found himself touring with nationwide.

Ward Davis first gained attention when he moved to Nashville in 2000. He became an established songwriter as a result of his work on albums by Trace Adkins, Wade Hayes, Merle Haggard & Willie Nelson, and Cody Jinks. The connection with Cody Jinks changed the course of his career and established him as a contemporary in what has essentially become “neo-outlaw country” alongside acts such as Sturgill Simpson, Tyler Childers, Whitey Morgan And The 78’s.

As a result of his move to Nashville, Davis quickly became heavily involved in songwriting . At the same time he was also attempting to launch his career as a performer. He took on additional work as a keyboardist in Ray Scott’s band. Davis spent the first decade of his career attempting to fit into the “mainstream country scene” of Nashville and as a result his success took a while to come to fruition. Success did come however when he placed “My Kind of Crowd” David Adam Byrnes 2011 album titled “Premium Country”. Around the same time he was also playing in a band called the Beagles, which he formed in 2009 with Rick Huckaby and Matt Nolen. Trace Adkins recorded Davis’ “So What If I Do” for his 2013 album Love Will… and a year later, the Beagles were featured on A&E’s Crazy Hearts: Nashville.

In 2014 Davis broke away from the Beagles and released the EP No Bridges. The following year Merle Haggard & Willie Nelson recorded “Unfair Weather Friend” for their duet album Django and Jimmie. This was one of the most pivotal moments of his career. He then realized that he belonged on the fringes of the commercial Nashville establishment. Davis released his debut album 15 Years in a 10 Year Town in 2015. His sound would start to head into a more “classic outlaw country” tone.

Davis would collaborate with Cody Jinks to co-write three songs — “Big Last Name,” “Can’t Quit Enough,” and “Colorado” — for Jinks’ 2018 Lifers. Following the album’s release, Davis would join Jinks as his opening act. This tour provided Davis with the opportunity to plug his Asunder EP. 2020 was marked by the release of, Black Cats and Crows, which debuted at number 43 on the Billboard Country Albums chart and reached number 7 on the Billboard Americana/Folk Albums chart.

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