Thoughts of the 48th CMA Awards Show

Thoughts of the
48th CMA Awards Show
TN-11.6.14)I did watch the entire show, something I have not done for several
years.  I felt that it was well produced, and covered all of country music
in the short TV time allotted for the show . 
and Carrie were great hosts, but it is time to change for next year’s
show, maybe Vince and Reba, Tim and Faith, or Garth and Trisha.  Brad and
Carrie have done great work, but a change cannot hurt the show, and each year
select a new male and female artist to be the host.  There are so many
great choices in the industry to host the show and it is no reflection on Brad
and Carrie.  They have given new life to the show.  CMA has done an
awesome job of presenting a production that I feel covers all avenues of
country music as much as possible in a limited amount of television time.
tell me, who really represents traditional country music in today’s
that can be called country music.  I continue  to believe that Blake
holds the reins to leading real country music to new heights. 
I hope he will lead the music to more success than it has ever known, and I
feel that he is the one who can do that, if he so chooses. 
wish record labels and artists would record more traditional country music, and
make country radio practice what they preach, when they label themselves as
country music stations!!!!!!  When I say artists, I mean those artists who
love traditional country music, but are afraid to hold to their beliefs because
they might not get signed by a label that does not want to record traditional
country music!!!!!
will preach fiddles and steel guitars until my dying breath, but I guess I am
preaching to a chosen few. I hope when the 50th CMA Awards Show is
aired in a couple of years, that there will be a section of the show to pay
homage to the traditional legendary country music artists still living, and
those who have passed on.  I also hope they make sure that those artists
that are still living are invited to be part of the audience and to be
recognized as the cornerstones of country music.  It is up to the artists
of today to make sure that the legends of yesterday are given recognition for
their contributions to make country music the success that it is today.  I
realize that might never happen because of how times have changed in country
music, but never say never-right?  I hope we never forget who brought country
music to the heights that it is enjoying at the present!!!!
of the guard was evident last night.  Rating rules TV shows.  Now
this is going to sound like I have bowed down to the sounds that are not
country, but last night the Doobie Bros., “Listen To The Music,”
hit a home run as a highlight of how they presented their great song. 
Some of you might not agree with me, but when I was a touring artist, I appreciated
the Doobie’s music and how they presented it with many of their songs having
a country flavor.  I was not totally disappointed in last night’s
show, because I realized that I was watching changes that have become evident
over the past few years, some good and some not so good, but change is
something we cannot alter, only hope that it is for the best.  Time
will tell.
couple thoughts as follows

cameo appearance was a highlight, but too short.
was on the sound board mixing Lady Antebellum must have had his fingers
taped together.  The song was a great ROCK SONG.
Georgia Line

had a terrible mix on the guitars, maybe not to them.  I will say they had
great tattoo’s!!!!!!!!!
dress, great performance of a great song, just too bad the mix did not match
their great performance.

was the highlight of the night for me. 
Great performance.
am wondering if the time has come in country music where we are leaving the
past behind to fend for itself or if the changing of the guard has just
forgotten who paved the road for them.  Time will tell.  I am open to
change, but as we make those changes, let’s not forget those who gave
this new generation the opportunity to be a part of country music and to make
changes.  Hopefully they will make changes that move country music forward
into a new era of success.  I hear some great artists of today, who are
not afraid to record traditional country music, so I am hoping that this might
a trend of the future and that country radio stations will be “country”. 
The history of country music is made up of fiddles and steel guitars, so let’s
always keep their place sacred and not store them away in vaults not to be
heard again.  I feel that the old saying “what goes around, comes
is true. BTW, I am not opposed to country music artists who
record their music without a tradition sound, but….today’s radio
format seems to be more open to traditional country music than it ever has
been.  That is just my opinion of what I hear.
congratulations to CMA for a great production last night.  Hopefully each
year the show will continue to feature the roots of traditional country music
in some way, and include those artists who are still living and should be
recognized by the new generation of country music.  I don’t mind
change, but as we change, let’s not forget those that give us the
opportunity to make changes, as long as the changes are beneficial to our
comments pro and con are always welcome and I wish you all a great week and as
we close in on the holiday season, I wish you a Blessed Thanksgiving with your


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