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The Hollyfelds – Title Stealers

4:34 32
Street 3:44 Kill You First 3:55 You Can’t Remember 5:03
Poor Father 3:36 Handmade Paper 4:23Without Cryin’ 5:54 Your
Loving Girl 3:44
Both Know 4:04 Sins 5:33 Mama Got a DUI
been a good week, so let’s hope this is a good band. Like 90% of
the reviews I do I have no preconceived ideas about this one. I’ve
never heard of them, and I’m not in any mood to be nice unless it’s
well deserved. So away we go with
I wasn’t kidding with away we go. I feel like they’re off to the
races. The electric guitar solos are nice but this song is carried by
the bass and the drumbeat. The vocals are strong; I can picture a
real country girl with her boots all shined up ready to kick some
country boy right in his ass.
this story is true she and a couple of friends spent 18 years in
prison. She even forgot how to eat with a fork and a knife. Like I
said if it’s true that might explain why she seems so strong. I
gotta move on to
really don’t want to move to any 32
Street because then I’d probably have to move into a city and I’m
pretty happy living near the beach in Florida.
song also has a fast tempo. Just her voice gives you the feeling
that she doesn’t take shit from anyone. It’s especially
impressive where she breaks into the refrain. So far, just by these
two songs I’m getting the feeling that each is a story being told.
The guitar is incredible in this song. For me it’s getting
difficult to get into the lyrics as my blood is pumping and my head
keeps moving. Okay now I get it. She met a guy on 32
street and took him home then fell in love.
You First

is a bit slower, at least for this band. The drums kind of still keep
up that quick pace. They make that galloping sound that brings you
out onto a prairie or some rolling free range.
Can’t Remember
it down to an ‘ask for a dance’ tempo. This song really shows off
the singer’s vocal range. It seems a sad story of neglect.
Poor Father

opens up with that guitar I was referring to earlier. That drum keeps
a very slow steady rhythm. I’m really curious as to whether the
singer wrote these lyrics. If so, they come straight from the heart.
Even if not, this singer can sing them straight from the heart

starts off with a nice acoustic. This song has a much different sound
than the rest of the album that I’ve listened to. I really like
this sound. This is a song you have to listen to a few times and
still you may not get it. I’m going to see if I can get the lyrics
for this one. “Handmade Paper will never touch my skin. It’s
better to say I’m sorry.” This song’s lyrics are both poetic
and symbolic. I’d love to completely understand it from the
artist’s perspective. But if not, I’m still going to try to
figure it out myself.
a beautiful melody and at the time of night I’m writing this it
really puts a sense of ease to my body. I already warned everyone
earlier that I didn’t think this girl took shit from anyone. This
song is a story about a girl (I believe it’s the singer) who if you
mess with her you’ll wind up crying.
has that eerie sound, lyrics, and feeling that goes with the title.
Last but not least, the one I’ve been dying to hear since I saw the
Got a DUI

opens up with a real rustic country sound with a steel guitar. Whoa!
This one picks up out of nowhere. That must be that anger from only
having one glass of wine. And, she had a high tolerance. I think that
is completely unfair. It’s going to be in the paper and on the
news. That happened to me once but I wasn’t drinking wine and if I
remember correctly I only had a fifth of Jack. Anyway that was at
least three different lives ago.
told you I had no preconceived notions about this band and that was
true. But, from now on I will. This is an album that I’d highly
recommend. There are the incredible guitar riffs, a drummer who
sometimes keeps it mellow and sometimes lets it rip, a bass that
drives it, and both impressive vocals and lyrics. I always love songs
that are stories and I just heard eleven of them. The songs were also
put in a smooth flowing order for the ears and the mind; they pick
you up, bring you down, make you laugh, and bring it all together.
You don’t see albums like this very often. 
Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International 

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