The Farm Hands – Good Things

CD Review: The Farm Hands – Good Things

by Antony Bailey for Country Music News International

1.Hillbilly Graham

2.Good Things

3.Thank you, God

4.Long Way To Virginia

5.Draining The Swamp

6.Daddy’s Shoes

7.Southern Sunday Morning

8.I’d Write You

9.Please Don’t Tell Me Goodbye

10.Dixie Breakdown

11.What Am I Living For?

12.Still The Solid Rock

13.IOU (Bonus Track)


Popular Bluegrass outfit The Farm Hands released a thirteen-track album in 2018 and it continues to thrive and find its way on to the playlist of many country music lovers around the world. The ensemble, comprised of Tim Graves, Daryl Mosley, Keith Tew, Don Hill, and special guest appearances from Kimberley Bibb and Aaron McCune, united to record and cover thirteen original bluegrass songs that live long in the memory and are a tribute to surviving the test of time.


The album begins with a rendition of the well-known classic ‘Hillbllly Graham’ and is followed by the heartfelt arrangement of ‘Good Things’ which sings about family, unity, and loving one another through the good times as well as the hard. ‘Thank You, God’ brings a slight reduction in the tempo and dynamics whilst the instrumentation, consisting of a two-part harmony, fiddle, guitar, bass, and rhythm section including drums, is audible throughout the record.


‘Daddy’s Shoes’ is more than likely to leave its audience shedding a tear or two as it offers a moment to reflect on those who have raised, protected, and prepared us for the world beyond the confines of the family home. Other songs such as ‘Southern Sunday Morning’ throws some energy into the record as it sings about rejoicing in the lord and placing emphasis on the importance of religion, especially in the southern states of the United States.


The album contains a bonus track. It is called ‘IOU’ and can be found at the end of the album. All the IOUs are owed to one person in particular, and some of them are as old as thirty-five years old. Tim Graves sings about being appreciative of his mother who raised and prepared him for the outside world.


The meaning behind the song, and the album in general, is about valuing those who are there through the darkest times that life can throw in our direction. The album relevant to the festive season and will no doubt keep its audience warm for many Christmases and winters to come as it brings a much-needed sense of unity and peace at a challenging time.

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