The Coyote – Bad Killer

CD Review: The Coyote – Bad Killer

by Antony Bailey for Country Music News International

  1. Bad Killer (Pilot)
  2. Night Drive
  3. The Ghost That You Are
  4. The Girl Won’t Sleep
  5. It’s Here
  6. Always
  7. Stranger Danger
  8. Candle In The Dark
  9. Bad Killer (Season Finale)


Elan Levy, otherwise known as The Coyote, is the writer, singer, and composer who recently unveiled his latest EP titled ‘Bad Killer’. Consisting of nine ‘50s and ‘60s inspired original tracks, it has been met with a lot of anticipation from both his local and international following. The EP also features four recently released singles including ‘The Ghost That You Are’, ‘Stranger Danger’, ‘Night Drive’, and ‘Girls Won’t Sleep’.

The ‘50s and ‘60s era combined with the eery and mysterious undertones are inspired by a radio series known as Bad Killer which has been running since 1956. Speaking about the motivation behind his new music, the artist revealed ‘’Bad Killer has run as a mystery radio series from 1956 until now / Brought to the silver screen by The Coyote Pictures of Hollywood, CA it is one helluva ghost story’’.

‘Stranger Danger’ and ‘The Ghost That You Are’ bring the EP to life with the former containing an elegant two-part harmony and the latter taking you on an epic rollercoaster of mystery and heartbreak to the sound of a ‘50s classic. ‘Bad Killer’ (Pilot) and ‘Bad Killer’ (Season Finale) both opens and closes The Coyote’s narrative surrounding emotional turmoil, doubt, and fear but offers signs of hope, unity, and belief.

The EP is sure be met with great appraisal as The Coyote delivers an album that draws the listener in from start to finish and simply doesn’t let go until the final note of the ‘Season Finale’ has been played. The record can be streamed on Spotify so be sure to stay tuned to his social media pages over the coming months for updates and new releases.  

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