Taylor Swift – Sparks Fly (CD Single Review)

Taylor Swift – Sparks Fly (CD Single Review)
Label – Big Machine
Time – 4:21
Writer – Taylor Swift
Producers – Nathan Chapman, Taylor Swift
Rating (Out of 10) : 7/10
Sparks Fly’ is the fourth single to be released by the effervescent Miss Swift from her 2010 album SPEAK NOW. It impacted on country radio on Monday July 18th, 2011. It was rumoured but never confirmed that it was written about Jake Owen who Taylor opened for in 2006. It became a firm favourite with her army of fans at her live shows, when she showcased it back in 2008. The lyrics were tweaked for the album cut. This number has become the opener on the Speak Now world tour.
Swift’s heart also receives a tweak like an involuntary muscle when falling for a new beau, as opposites attract with its good girl meets bad boy perspective. The chemistry is potent, although she knows that caution would be a wise option she’s hooked and ready to fall like a house of cards – “You’re the kind of reckless that should send me runnin’ “ – but there’s a note of fear – “Just close enough to touch, Close enough to hope you couldn’t see, What I was thinking of “
With wild abandonment and urgency her guard has lowered, in the chorus she sings relentlessly: “Drop everything now/ Meet me in the pouring rain / Kiss me on the sidewalk, take away the pain / Cause I see sparks fly whenever you smile
There’s a cocktail of emotions in the song lines when captivated (“Get me with those green eyes, baby”) and then mildly troubled (“Give me something that’ll haunt me when you’re not around”)
The tempo is mostly upbeat on this flirtatious country-pop work out with crunchy guitar prominent throughout but piano audible during its softer subtle shades.
In May Swift took home 3 Billboard Music Awards for the all-genre Top 200 Albums Artist, Top Country Artist, and her now-Triple-Platinum Speak Now album was voted Top Country Album. Taylor has career record sales now in excess of 20 million albums and 33 million song downloads and regular trades places with Lady Gaga as the top-selling digital artist.
On 12th June Taylor sparkled in a gold mini-dress and with her band closed out the 2011 CMA Festival at LP Field in Nashville. As the final notes rang out the fireworks exploded overhead.
This single should see the superstar rocket up the country charts and create a “firework show” all of her own.

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