NASHVILLE, TN (Wednesday, August 10, 2011) — Ledfurd Recurds/Average Joes Entertainment releases Sunny Ledfurd’s “Place To Stay” video.  Sunny shot the video at friend and neighbor’s, Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Hammerhead Studio in Mooresville, NC.  Fans can sign-up for the video at his website at “Place To Stay” is the second music video from his Greatest Hits 2004-2009 album which was released in 2010.  
“I’m not the biggest fan of making videos, but this one was fun. It’s just me and the guys jamming out in a big garage. I had some friends hanging out and we drank beers. It was just a very casual situation. There was no acting because I can’t act,” says Ledfurd when asked about filming the video for “Place To Stay.”
Sunny Ledfurd
If there has ever been a way to describe Sunny Ledfurd, it has got to be his ability to defy categorization. Born in Chattanooga, TN, and growing up in Gaston County, NC, Sunny taught himself to play the guitar at 15-years-old. He knew then that playing the guitar was how he would make a living.  Inspired by Guns N’ Roses, Snoop Dog and David Allan Coe among many other, Sunny’s songs continually mix genres and push the envelope. “I’ve always liked artists that you can tell they have something to say. They’re not just singing some words ’cause it sounds cool,” quotes Ledfurd. Never one to shy away from a good time… drinking and women are involved in much of the music.  With songs like “I Don’t Remember Last Night,” “Pontoon Boat,” “Adderral,” and “Myrtle Beach,” Sunny takes you through life in the South as he sees it and lives it. Sunny’s Greatest Hits 2004-2009 album is the culmination of the last 5 self produced /self released (Ledfurd Recurds) albums Sunny has released since 2004, which is an indicator that this singer/songwriter has plenty to tell and shows no signs of slowing down.

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