STORM SNOW – Home Grown ( CD Review)

STORM SNOW – Home Grown

After The Glitter Fades – My Dear Companion –
Forever Has Come To And End – Lo Siento Mi Vida – Historia De Un Amor –
Mahk Jchi (Heartbeat Drum Song) – In My Hour of Darkness – Love Is A
Rose – Long House – He’s A Indian Cowboy In The Rodeo – If I Needed You –
Grandma’s Song

Storm Seymour, a young Tama Indian country singer from
Tama, Iowa, is without a doubt one of my very favorite Iowa country
singers.  His incredible compassion, and passion when he sings, is
singularly incredible.  Storm, even from a very young age, was gifted
with music.  Yes of course, his own Native music, drums, dance,
pow-wows.  But he expanded as he grew older, and once in what we now
call a ‘real’ country music format, he became one of the very best
vocalists and songwriters in the business.  Not just in Iowa, his ‘gift’
has taken him to international fame, and places down the road I’m sure
he never thought he could travel to without his musical gift.
Storm and his brothers formed a band in Eastern Iowa,
called “White Swan” named after their beloved grandmother. This is one
of those groups, much like the Everly Brothers, who makes music so
easily and so beautifully.  They still play occasionally, and when they
do, it’s a real treat to country music lovers who hear them.  Together
they made some really delightful CD’s.  This particular CD, however, is
just Storm and his niece Snow Seymour.  She has a voice very similar to
Storm’s, just as passionate, with just as much compassion when she
sings.  When they match each other in harmony, it’s very much like that
‘tight’ harmony of the Everly Brothers (also from Iowa, where they got
their start, if you had forgotten).
There’s some interesting backing as you listen to this
delightful CD.  Mostly it’s Storm on acoustic guitar, but he adds, very
tastefully, an occasional stick-drum sound, sometimes an organ sound,
sometimes nothing at all, which is the case with Snow’s Spanish song
“Historia De Un Armor” which is totally au capello.  Translated I
believe that means the ‘History of a Love.’  It is entrancing.  Follow
that with “Heartbeat Love Song” with just the two voices and drums. 
Wow, talk about creativity.  Then that is followed by some excellent
keyboard, guitar, bass, (could be White Swan here), so you already know
you are going to get some incredible variety when listening to this
lovely couple.   “Long House” is also a nice Indian song in their own
language. I also really liked Gail Davies original composition
“Grandma’s Song.”  Gail once considered coming to our LeMars festival,
maybe this will help her along.
I’ll never tire of listening to Storm Seymour.  I’ll be
passing this along to the Rural Roots Music Commission.  They don’t
often get to hear anything at all from America’s Native Americans,
especially incredibly gifted ones like Storm and Snow.
Bob Everhart, Reviewer

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