Stephanie Urbina Jones’ Vision Shines Brightly

Stephanie Urbina Jones’ Vision Shines Brightly In “Bring It Back To The Heartland”
First Single From Jones’ Forthcoming Album, Fiery Angel
Nashville, TN – Aug. 12, 2015
— In this age of seeming national apathy, economic insecurity and
political vitriol, it can be easy for many of us to be resigned to the
status quo. 
Not Stephanie Urbina Jones. The Hispanic American multi-talented singer/songwriter from Texas has taken up the battle cry of American pride and released “Bring It Back to the Heartland,” the first single from her forthcoming cd Fiery Angel.  
powerful and free of pandering, “Bring It Back to the Heartland” speaks
to those values that Americans at their core still revere – hope,
confidence in their abilities to lift themselves up through their own
hard work and perseverance, and giving themselves “dreams that have
wings,” as the song asserts. For Jones, who co-wrote the song with Mark
Marchetti, it’s an urgent message at an urgent time. 

To hear “Bring It Back to the Heartland,” Click here
a wife, mother and American, I have never experienced so much apathy,
hopelessness and division in this country,” Jones says. “It makes me sad
and fearful for my daughter’s future and everyone else’s.”
it’s clear that Jones isn’t alone. She sees the song resonating around
the country with audiences from all walks of life. “This song has hit
such a cultural nerve that it brings people to their feet,” she reports.
“This is not about politics, religion or corporations. It’s about
people and bringing back the heart of what made this country great!”
Hispanic American heritage has helped her bring a unique perspective to
country music, an authentic heritage rarely given voice. She is the
first independent female artist to hit #1 on the Texas Music Chart. 
Jones also co-wrote “My Baby’s Got a Smile on Her Face.” Recorded by The Voice winner Craig Wayne Boyd, the song debuted at #1 on Billboard
Hot Country Chart, thereby making chart history. In addition, “Bring It
Back to the Heartland” was selected for the featured country music page
on iTunes for three weeks running. 
has been taking her brand of country and Americana music far beyond the
borders of the United States – to the Montreux Jazz Festival in
Switzerland; Country Gold in Kumamoto, Japan; Americana Cavalcade in
Scotland; the Interlaken Country and Trucker Festival with The
Mavericks; the Craponne Country Rendezvous in France; and many others
shows in Mexico, Germany and Spain.
She will be performing in these cities later this year:  Aug.25 Nashville, TN, Bluebird Café; Sept. 11 Springfield, IL; Sept. 24 Fredericksburg, TX;   Sept. 26 San Antonio, TX;   Sept. 26 Austin, TX;   Sept. 30 Houston, TX; Oct. 1 Dallas, TX;  Oct. 3 Luckenbach, TX;  Oct. 10 Sebastapol, CA;  Nov. 6 Kansas City, MO.   
 “Bring It Back to the Heartland” is sponsored by Arriba Salsa – American Made, Family Owned.


Photo credit:  Juan Pont Levica 

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