Stephanie Grace on her walk to Fame

Stephanie Grace on her walk to Fame

Starting young at age
with country music, has a lot of pros and if you have a certain talent, it
leave the door open for further negotiations, on the walk to fame.
Stephanie Grace is one
of these talents that are ready for the world, to say: “Hello, here I come!”
A very powerful force to
reckoned with, her unique and remarkable voice is not to underrate in any
way.  Her sweet and innocent emanation,
put the public over the edge, and make clear that everybody succumb to her
She will make her way in
country music, there is no doubt about it, and she already is climbing
centimeter by centimeter on the ladder of country music, to reach the top. Her
lovely songs are full of life and the public will be smitten with her charm.
She is on her way to make her dreams come true and who wants to slow her down.

She has a vision, which
she is following on a steady line, since she was very little; she was born into
country music, born to be a star someday.
Growing up in Douglasville,
Pennsylvania, in a very small town, that was build up by Swedish pioneers in 1701.
She has always been close to country music, she listen to it every day and so
it was no surprise, that she found her way into this genre of music.
Stephanie always loved
to sing, since she was 2 years old, she danced and sing around the house, she
never stopped leaving the music behind, even in nursery school, she was always
the one who was singing the loudest, it left a mark throughout her whole
childhood. She was a very shy kid; but that doesn´t stop her, so that already
tells you something about her nature. She sticks to herself and the inner
motivation to make music, let her grow with every second, every minute, every
day. Sure she had stage freight – who doesn´t somehow – but she did the best
she could, to not let that bring the roof down on her head. She acts like a
professional and guess what she already was on stage with real big people in
country music like Scotty McCreery, Buck Covington, Taylor Swift, John Michael
Montgomery, Easton Corbin, Gloriana and Josh Turner.
Her being shy left her
at her first talent show in “What Dreams Are Made Of”, her mother could not believe,
that she wanted to be in that show, but she sure was.
She surprised everybody that knows her
quite well; nobody would believe it, until they have seen it, with their own
eyes. She went on stage and did what she had to do, she performed like a star, and
she felt the luckiest person on earth, doing what she always wanted to do.
Stephanie loved it and you could sure see
that. This was her dream; this was what she always wanted to be – a singer,
with heart and soul. With all what come along, the adrenaline, the power, the
good feeling and the public that supports her doing a real good job on stage.
After that show, she moved around, doing
what she liked most, she performed on a lot of events and in restaurants, fairs
and more, she felt good, loved what she was doing and the audience was
enthusiastic and so she got a lot of fans – some rooter, that followed her,
wherever she was.
So again, it was no surprise, when she
performed in 2006 in “Pocono Junior Idol” and “Kids country Idol”. The public
loved her and somehow she met about that time Al Brock, the president of “Spin
Doctors” in Nashville. That man wanted to start a promotion company and he
wanted Stephanie Grace as his first client. She was so lucky about that and
could not believe that this would happen to her and when Al Brock sticks to his
word, he helped her to starting her career, her first baby steps, climbing up
the ladder to fame.
She was really busy
travelling around, she had so much to do with songwriting, performing, being a
guest on different radio shows and there was still her education, which came on
the first place. Stephanie was not willingly to forget, because this was very
important to her and her future. Thinking, if you lose everything, you never
lose the education you have successfully completed!
She was a junior at the Agora Cyber
Charter School, she had to manage somehow school and career, but she did,
because it was easier to do your homework on a pc. So she found a way to
balance the situation and by that way she could handle her schedule a lot
She wrote so many songs in those years, but
it wasn´t that easy in the beginning and now you can´t stop her from doing it.
It makes a difference, when you are a little girl, or a growing up teenager.
Growing up, brings you automatically through many live circumstances, by that
way you learn how to write a song.
She has been influenced by Miranda
Lambert, Trisha Yearwood, Adele, LeAnn Rimes and Colbie Caillat, but her
inspiration has always been her family and good friends, who supports her all
the way, when she started with that tiny idea in her head to make it somehow in
the music business.
Stephanie knows that she has to work hard
and that you lose a lot on this way, but it is her dream. A part of that dream
already came true, but there are two little pieces missing and that is to
perform on the stage of Grand Ole Opry in Nashville and to start and complete a
world tour. And to end this article I cite Stephanie Grace, she once said,
“While I can’t be sure what the future holds, I know that as long as I’m
singing country music, I’ll be living my dream!”,unquote.

Article by Gaby Agrikola
for Country Music News International

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