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Hello fellow players,

As much as you may not like the internet with all its problems, thinking about it the way it was ten years ago or even five years ago, we sure are lucky today since most of these problems are worked out.

I am feeling like there are a lot more good times ahead than bad. It’s pretty astounding how much the internet folks themselves have learned, the problems that they’ve had over the past several years are getting better and better and we the users, are the ones to benefit.

I saw on television where almost all people will be purchasing items from the internet for Christmas gifts this year. Good. Maybe I can get through the mall this December. To go to Nashville, many of us Hendersonville residents have to go around a major mall to get to Music City. Shoppers have made getting through the mall in December pretty well an impossible task.

Life has sure changed dramatically since I’ve been in business at Steel Guitar Nashville. At first I truly hated the internet, however because of what it’s done to our enhancing communication, I realize that it’s been a wonderful thing. I get thousands of messages a week from players with problems, but if I can be of help it’s all worth it.

Sometimes I might give you a quick short answer on something, but it’s not because I don’t want to give a long answer but more because time won’t let me and pressures have me pinned down.

The Hall of Fame guy to talk about today is the great Doug Jernigan, quite possibly one of the greatest players that has ever lived. When I was playing a club in Philadelphia before I moved to Nashville (nearly 40 years ago) I kept hearing rumors about this great player. Upon doing some checking, many players stated that he loved jam sessions and would lock horns with anyone.

Then I heard him in Nashville jamming with some other incredible players. Sure enough, there was no question this seemed to be the king of kings. He could play pure country so fast that you needed track shoes on to listen to him. After doing some talking to him I realized that he was just a wonderful kind of guy that loved steel guitar better than he anything in the world.

Doug started playing in Florida at about twelve years old, then started playing professionally at fourteen and was a total monster at that time and has gotten better every day since. Doug has a friendly personality beyond reproach.

Doug also has done a lot of teaching here in Nashville. Doug has many video tapes and DVD instructional materials proudly sold by Steel Guitar Nashville. The general overall respect that this player has from Nashville’s greats is a testament to his talent.

I love Doug because of his attitude toward steel guitar. He’ll play any kind of music anywhere at any time in any key for anyone and do it with a smile and a laugh and tell you everything he did when he finishes his last lick. One of the most outstanding guys in the world of steel guitar. Whether Doug is playing the greatest jazz licks from the greatest Al Martino, Tal Farlow or George Santana licks, his astounding delivery and style is loved and appreciated by everyone.

Anyway, back to steel guitars. We just got something in stock we haven’t had in a long time that will command a large discount. It is a beautiful double neck Zane Beck ZB steel guitar. The C6th neck is a ten string, the E9th neck is an eleven string. In other words, it’s an E9th neck with a root note on the bottom.

Any steel guitar techs that are reading this realize that there are some very good features that the ZB guitar has to offer and if you don’t know much about these guitars, there’s three things I’m going to tell you, tone, tone, tone. These guitars have an abundance of great sound.

When it comes to just plain old beauty, you know the beauty of natural birdseye maple with great grain, there’s hardly anything that will match. These guitars were custom built and sold for over $4000 new. I’m selling this one for $1890. Check it on our webpage. It’ll look better sitting under your Christmas tree than a box of Dachshund puppies being held by Hollywood’s newest starlet superstar.

If you should happen to want this guitar, we will set it up the way you want it within reason and we’ll make you a happy player.

If your family is confused about what to get you for Christmas, remind them that gift certificates from Steel Guitar Nashville would make a wonderful present, especially because we’re offering them at a discount so you get more for your money than what you pay for the gift certificate.

Check out our Christmas specials at and we’ll try to save you a lot of money.

Your buddy,

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Hendersonville, TN. 37075
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Closed Saturday and Sunday

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