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Hello fellow players,

I thank everybody for all the great comments on the newsletters.  A couple of years ago we were reaching well over 30,000 people, now with all the relaying going on from floods of steel guitar clubs and other organizations, it looks like we are nudging that figure higher by the month.  Looks like there an awful lot of people that want to hear it the way it is and not just a bunch of goofy opinions from random posters on the internet that just found out what a steel guitar was a year or so ago.

When I go to the hospital to be worked on, whether it�s for brain surgery or just blood work, I prefer the person doing it to be highly experienced in his craft, not somebody that is just doing it as a part time job to supplement his bartending gig.  When you folks need to know something about steel guitar, it�s best for you to get your information from someone that�s been in it for forty or fifty years and by in it, I mean someone that has played professionally, sold, designed, built and anything else that has anything to do with steel guitar.

So if you have any questions, let me know.  If I don�t have the correct facts, email me and I�ll tell you who does. 

Naturally, as in any business, rumors can get started and a person should go directly to the source to get to the bottom of any rumors.  One thing you can count on for sure, if I know the answer, I�ll give it to you.  If I don�t I�ll try to find out.  You may wonder what I�m referring to here in particular, I�m not referring to anything, just general overall steel guitar information.

Many times I will do a complete subject in a newsletter and a couple years later, I�ll see it brought up on the steel guitar forum.  Obviously the guys that read my newsletters from a couple years ago already have the inside story.  The story I�m referring to here is the one where a player remarked that he was having trouble tuning with a fan blowing air across the stage.

I covered this whole complete subject three or four years ago, but then again, we do have new members joining all the time and anything you want to know more about, we have done much testing and have the opinions of many great professional players to draw upon.

Yes, if there is a fan above you or off to the side of the stage, it is putting pressure waves across the stage and trying to tune your guitar while in these pressure waves is like trying to tune your bass strings at the same time your bass player is trying to tune his bass guitar.

The lower the notes the harder they are to tune because low frequencies can bounce off walls and ceilings and return to your ears to totally confuse you in tuning in this range, but I feel most of you have already learned this.

A man calls the musicians' union to get a quote on a six piece band for a wedding.  The representative says, "Off the top of my head, about $2000". The guy says, "WHAT? FOR MUSIC?

The representative responds, "I'll tell you what.  Call the plumbers' union and ask for six plumbers to work from 6 pm to midnight on any  Saturday night.  Whatever they charge you, we'll work for half."

We still have many Nashville 112s for sale.  Three new guitars that we have got in that I feel are very good deals are a red Emmons LeGrande II, a Sho-Bud Pro I birdseye maple and a triple neck Fender Custom.  These guitars are excellent values, desirable and hard to find.  Check our website for pictures and prices.

Check out our monthly specials at and we�ll try to save you a lot of money.

Your buddy,

Steel Guitar Nashville
123 Mid Town Court
Hendersonville, TN. 37075
(615) 822-5555
Open 9AM � 4PM Monday � Friday
Closed Saturday and Sunday

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