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>From Pismo Beach to Virginia Beach across this great country, from Bangor, Maine to McAllen, Texas people are traveling from hither to yon this summer. The heat may be a factor but it doesn’t seem to be stopping anybody. We have had many wonderful visitors including many Europeans that we had only known from emails in the past. Summer is an exciting time for us because we get to see so many wonderful folks that we have been corresponding with throughout the year.

I’ll never forget the time I went to the Playboy Club in Hollywood, California. I had never been there but was expecting something very exotic. Not only was I disappointed because the folks I was supposed to meet didn’t show up, but there was no live music and the Playboy Bunnies reminded me more of my family than the exotic dreams that I had in my mind.

The Bunny uniforms were a little loose and saggy and looked more like little jumpsuits than what you’d expect to see in the la-la land of Hollywood on Sunset Blvd.

I ordered food and I should have been suspicious when the waitress asked if I was kidding. I said, “No. Is it bad?”

To which she replied, “No. A lot of people like it.” That’s when I should have got up and made my exit.

I asked for a baked potato. She asked what caliber. I said, “No. Don’t load it in here.” figuring I would be surprised and have a wonderful meal. I didn’t.

About a month later, this Playboy Club on Sunset Blvd. closed. I don’t wonder why. However, when the band asked me how it was and I told them, they thought I was kidding. Truth in advertising? No. Wasn’t much there.

Soon after this I heard that Hugh had sold the big black Bunny airplane. I don’t wonder why if the airplane was as bad as the club. Soon after, I went out and bought my first airplane. It was one of those things I just wanted. I did not need it. I did have fun and I’ll probably have more before I kick the bucket or even turn a little pail.

I can’t say enough good things about the GFI double ten with eight and five. Here’s a beautiful, loaded guitar that weighs about half as much as many big guitars do and it’s got bullet-proof durability. This guitar should be called the undertaker model because it’ll be the last to let you down. Just don’t ask for a lay-away plan. Just a little steel guitar humor.

If you want to go to the other end of the spectrum, we do have an Emmons wrap-around, 1965, in immaculate condition. Extremely rare and beautiful. Check it out on our featured guitar page at Get a free amplifier of your choice with this guitar. We have a Peavey Session 500 that would be a great professional mate to this guitar. And yup, I meant it. It would be free to the buyer of this wonderful collector instrument.

We have some unbelievable deals on Fender, Peavey, Evans, Webb and so on. Please call me direct and we’ll talk about this deal. We have new and previously owned, but just remember incredible summertime deals on everything.

The kids are going back to school so why not put yourself back to school in the privacy of your den or living room. Your choice of any 5 of my teaching videos with the purchase of a new Nashville 112 amplifier. Remember, that’s 5 free videos with the purchase of a 112. This along with our greatly discounted prices, makes you a real winner.

Check out our monthly specials at and we’ll try to save you a lot of money.

Your buddy,

Steel Guitar Nashville
123 Mid Town Court
Hendersonville, TN. 37075
(615) 822-5555
Open 9AM – 4PM Monday – Friday
Closed Saturday and Sunday

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