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Hello fellow players,

I think one of the great things all us steel players have to be thankful for are the little newsletters that steel guitar clubs put out.  Some of these clubs and the papers they put out aren�t very little.  The Pedal Steel Newsletter out of Floral Park, New York put out by Bob Maickel is one of the finest continuous newsletters I�ve ever read.

This club does a wonderful job for its readers and members.  I recommend anybody, anywhere joining it.  The address is:  PO Box 20248  Floral Park, New York 11002-0248.  This newsletter they put out carries advertisements from all my competitors and articles on musicians along with written out instrumentals for steel guitar.  

It also keeps you posted on coming steel guitar events and record reviews by big time deejay Mike Gross.  I can�t say enough good things about this club or its members and followers.  They also do one of the best shows in the United States and make sure that it has the finest talent obtainable from near and far.

How about some real fun now.  Not only do I want to see what most of you look like, but I want to see you wearing one of our Steel Guitar Nashville tee shirts.  So if you�ll email me a picture of you wearing any tee shirts that you�ve bought here at the store, the Cobra Coil shirts or any of the Steel Guitar Nashville shirts, I�ll post them on the website. 

Guaranteed to make you a star overnight and who doesn�t want to be a star?  You know what a star is?  He�s that guy that stands in front of a bunch of musicians and yells the right key to them and threatens them if they play the wrong chords on Nightlife.  Just kidding here, but having fun is the name of the game and I�m serious about the tee shirts.  

If you don�t have one, order one.  We have a choice of six or seven, every one of them guaranteed to make you famous on Broadway in Nashville, Broadway in New York City or the famous strip in Las Vegas.

A friend just emailed me that he wore a Steel Guitar Nashville shirt last Saturday night on lower Broad in Nashville and had to sign fourteen autographs before he could get to his car!  So get those pictures to me, behind a steel guitar or not and we�ll get them on the website.

Like most places in the southeast, here in Nashville the temperatures were bumping triple digits this past weekend, so I didn�t get out to do much.  One of my traditional things to do is to put the top down on one of my convertibles and drive through town and watch the fireworks, but found it much easier to stay in the air-conditioned comfort of my house and watch what I could out the bay window.   I won�t even have to wash my car now.

I hope all of you had a happy, safe Fourth.

Little commercial here so that we can pay our bills.  We still have a warehouse full of Peavey Nashville 112 amplifiers.  We always try to keep a big stock in case the company decides to not build them for a period of time.  When this happens, we always try to be the dealer in the United States that still has many of them to sell.  I still feel this is about the finest amplifier that anyone can buy because of its volume, tone and light weight.

Another really good thing about selling a high amount of these amplifiers is the wonderful trade-ins they manage to bring me.  Standel, Webb, all Fender models and amplifiers that are generally very hard to find, we take in on trade and sell them at the lowest prices possible.

When it comes to amplifiers, we will only take immaculate, low time amps with no wear shown on them anywhere.  So if you�re looking for that immaculate Session 500 Peavey amp at a real low price, let me know.  You name the amp and we probably have it and you will like the price.

Check out our monthly specials at and we�ll try to save you a lot of money.

Your buddy,

Steel Guitar Nashville
123 Mid Town Court
Hendersonville, TN. 37075
(615) 822-5555
Open 9AM � 4PM Monday � Friday
Closed Saturday and Sunday

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