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Sister Hazel Helps Open New Feeding Center in Honduras 


Tennessee…) When Sister Hazel first visited the impoverished
community of Los Laureles, Honduras two years ago, they connected with
the residents in such a profound way that the band returned home fired
up about doing something big to help. Partnering with Feed The Children,
in 2012 the band challenged their dedicated fans – affectionately
called “The Hazelnuts” – with two goals: to garner sponsorships for
every child in Los Laureles, and help raise the $75,000 needed to build a
feeding center for the community. With both goals reached, the band
(joined by a few Hazelnuts) recently returned to Los Laureles to witness
the transformation and celebrate the feeding center’s grand opening.
“The Hazelnuts came through in a huge way,” said the band’s Drew Copeland. “It was a special day to be able to serve the first meal in their new feeding center and to share that experience with our fans!
To see this community have a safe place to come for clean drinking
water, hot meals and soap and water for basic hygiene is beyond
gratifying. There’s a lot more work to do, but this is a fantastic
years ago, Sister Hazel visited the community of their sponsored
children. Los Laureles is situated at the base of a large dump, where
young and old alike scour for plastic and metal items to sell for
recycling. Most of the homes are built out of garbage: nylon, cardboard,
tin sheets and any other material they can find, with none of them
having indoor plumbing.
Feed the Children arrived in Los Laureles, food supplies were irregular
with only two meals a week provided by a local Catholic Church.
However, many of the children weren’t able to go because they had to
cross a dangerous road to get there, therefore leaving the kids
malnourished, anemic, and riddled with parasites.
to Sister Hazel adopting the community in 2012, Feed the Children had
worked for several years with help from generous partners, including TOMS,  Vitamin Angels,
and others, to provide nourishing food, medical care, vitamins,
backpacks and school supplies, clothes and shoes, and improvements to
the school facilities.
Sister Hazel recently released 20 STAGES, a 20-song DVD, double CD set and limited edition double vinyl LP recorded
live at 20 of the band’s favorite venues. The set includes hits and
fan-favorites such as “All For You,” “Champagne High,” “Change Your
Mind” and “Mandolin Moon” as well as three brand new, never released
tracks. Additionally, the DVD release features the live performance of
each track from stages as diverse as the Georgia Theatre in Athens, GA,
The 9:30 Club in DC and the main stage on Sister Hazel’s Rock Boat
cruise in the Caribbean. The DVD features commentary from the band about
each song, the venues and the role fans played in choosing both. The
limited-edition double vinyl LP is presented in an old-school gatefold
sleeve and will include a digital download.


Photos Credit: Feed The Children

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