Shane Owens Releases New Single “Love Me To Death”

Shane Owens’ latest single “Love Me to Death” from his recently released album, Thankful For Country Music reached the top 8 of the most downloaded and streamed tracks on Play MPE,
a popular digital download service for radio airplay and streaming.
“Love Me to Death” is a timeless, playful country love song that fans
will be humming all day long. It transports listeners right back to the
good ole’ days and leaves fans reminiscing simpler times. The single
serves up an easy-listening tune while providing an ultramodern edge
that the world seeks.

Trailing shortly behind Maren Morris, Dixie Chicks, Sam Hunt, Tucker Beathard, Pam Tillis, Jon Pardi and Keith Urban, Shane Owens is in great company and proves traditional country music has its place on today’s country radio.

Traditional country music is what I was raised on growing up in
Alabama,” says Owens. “Whether it be the sounds of Keith Whitley or
Randy Travis, it is what has always spoken to my heart. I wouldn’t know
what else to sing and it is wonderful to be making music that people
want to hear.”

Blending Owens’ deep, friendly baritone voice over a medley of modern and traditional country music sounds, Thankful For Country Music
wraps lyrics around the listener’s heart with familiar southern
storytelling, wholesome values, and an obvious love for country music.
These are the undeniable traits that Owens has built his reputation on
as an artist.

Recorded at the legendary Panhandle House studio in Denton, Texas, “Love
Me To Death” was written by long-time collaborator and hit songwriter,
Galen Griffin, and produced by Nick “Ace” Lutz. This single from Owens’
just-released album, Thankful for Country Music, is released by Amerimonte Records and is available digitally everywhere.

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