Scott Shipley – “I was created in music. Music made me!

As Scott Shipley puts it, with his southern Missouri twang and Johnny Cash like swagger “I was created by the music. The music made me!”

Shipley is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and a sixth
generation ‘card-totin Hillbilly’ from the Missouri Ozarks. Born into a
family with a musical background, Scott began performing at the age of
five. After announcing to his parents at the age of three that he was
“going to play music for a living” when he grew up, they went into the
studio and hit the road. His first bunk on the family tour bus was a bus
wheel. He literally grew up on the road. In his four and a half decades
in the business, Scott’s travels have taken him across 48 states, five
continents, and 27 countries. Scott has been blessed to share the stage
with many of his musical heroes such as Johnny CashBill MonroePorter WagonerKid Rock,
and many others in every genre of music. Known for his ‘without a net’
style, his performances range from edge of your seat lightning fast
Bluegrass, to classic Rock & Roll, to deep swamp blues, to his own
unique brand of Hillbilly music. He’s as likely to cover an Edgar Allan
Poe poem as he is to do a Johnny Cash medley.
When performing solo, he incorporates a bevy of instruments from
guitars of every flavor, to dulcimer, mandolin, banjo, pedal steel
guitar, harmonica, drums which he plays with his feet while playing
guitar with his hands,  

makes Scott unique is also the very thing that has driven him his whole
life. Total and complete passion for his craft, and the most unique way
to deliver the goods. No one can truly define him in a few words, and
no one can pigeon hole him into one genre or class. Scott Shipley
provides an escape to a musical paradise built within his mind, full of a
tapestry of colors, sights and sounds to take the listener on a unique
journey everytime he performs.

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