Scott Sharp – Europe is ready for you!

Sharp – Europe is ready for you!
Sharp is a brilliant American country singer, he writes and sings his
own songs and beside that, he is a very nice person to deal with.
had to struggle a lot in his life, went through a lot of changes and
lost more than a human can take. But he went on, with what his heart
told him to do and that is to make people happy, make them feel good.
With his own words, he writes wonderful country songs and with his
real strong and recognizable voice, he is singing those songs.
his knowledge, a lot of people followed him in secret, because they
are so fascinated by his music. I know one guy that would love to
meet him in person…!!!
also know that he is working on a new album and we are really, really
excited, when it will be released and what kind of songs Scott
created for this album. I have to tell you, we are curious about
genre is from waltz, through rock into rockabilly, everybody would
find something in his music, a little bit for the heart or you feel
like dancing. All his songs have a story to tell and the music takes
you into his world, with a lot of emotions and passion and love.
you have CD´s from very big stars and they all sound the same –
you get bored – but this would not happen, if you listen to the songs
of Scott Sharp. Here you feel the real life and the concentrated
passion to bring his music into our hearts.
is a guy with his heart at the right spot, a hard working man, a
perfect husband, and an amazing country singer.
songs of Scott have been played in radio stations in Spain, Ireland
and Italy and let me tell you this, here in Germany, we like him too.
Sharp will sing and write his songs until his last breath, because
the music and Scott are one of a kind.
You Tube you can find one of his songs called “Between The Lies”.
It is a very, very good song.
by Gaby Agrikola for Country Music News International

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