Sarah Darling

Darling- Under The Radar With Little Umbrellas Chuck Schultz
harder for female vocalists to make a serious go of it in the Country
Music genre. Occasionally the sass, strong voice and appeal appear.
Sarah Darling is a breath of fresh air as well as easy to the ears.
Great vocals, solid stage presence and song selection you’d
normally see from a seasoned veteran. Had a chance to talk with Sarah
during CMA Fest in Nashville to discuss new singles, the road and
have a new single “Little Umbrellas,” is a fun beachy vibe song,
where did that come from?
It’s girls hanging out with girls, grabbing some drinks, kicking
back and just enjoying life. This is an original song, I wrote it two
years ago and never thought I’d cut it though everyone around me
said to cut it and it’s my best song. I hope it’s as successful
as everyone says. It’s great because when you listen to it you’re
transported somewhere else.
made 35 appearances at the Opry. Did you ever imagine that?
To this day it is the greatest accomplishment in my career. Vince
Gill introduced me and the song “Bad Habit” was what got me on
the Opry. The experience was so nerve racking, I got silent and
nervous and hoped I didn’t forget the words.
is your songwriting process?
Well I don’t make things up, it has to be organic and real. Usually
don’t write on the road, my best writing comes when I’m relaxed
at the house. Sometimes I have the melody and there are other times
where I have the title. Melody is the most important part of the
for Alan Jackson out west? Excited?
I’ve never been on a show with him. I’m really excited to be part
of that and really just to be out west. Alan is such an icon I’m
going to learn a lot.
do you utilize social media?
Instagram, a photo and a caption. Just quick and to the point.
is your go to baking item?
make these oatmeal scotchies and this british pie which is banana and
toffee and nuts it’s amazing.
the same day, Sarah performed for the CMA Fest crowd and blew them
away with a tight 25 minute set that was equal parts Janis Joplin and
Loretta Lynn. Keep your eyes and ears peeled. Ms Darling will soon be
the Darlin’ of Country Music.
Chuck Schulz for Country Music News International

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