TN (June 20, 2014) – “Nashville’s Darling” is soon to become “America’s
Darling” when country music singer Sarah Darling performs on this
Sunday’s premiere of ABC’s hotly-anticipated new series, “Rising Star,”
Sunday, June 22, (9:00-11:00 p.m. ET; check local listings) on the ABC
Television Network.

“I am so excited to be a contestant on RISING STAR!!!,” says Sarah
Darling.  “It’s an amazing opportunity to be able to perform before the
entire country LIVE!    The fans at home can make a difference for me,
and I hope they all download the Rising Star app and raise the wall for

To vote for your favorite performers, home judges (viewers) can download the Rising Star ABC app through the Apple App Store, Windows Marketplace, or the Google Play Store
The App is essential to participate in the voting process, but it’s
totally FREE and easy to use.  Just register with your Facebook or
Twitter account, and you’re ready to go.   Before each performance,
you’ll be asked to check-in, and then when it’s time to vote, swipe BLUE
(to the right) to vote YES or RED (to the left) to vote NO.  You’ll see
the results of the vote in REAL TIME on television – even if you are on
the West Coast.  In just seconds, your votes determine whether the wall
rises, whether a performer moves on or goes home, or if you’re on the
West Coast, whether a lucky performer gets a second chance.  And IF you
give us permission through the app, you might also see your Facebook or
Twitter profile picture on the Rising Star wall.  To learn more on how
to vote, click here.

About Sarah Darling:
Sarah Darling is a small-town girl from Mitchellville, Iowa, raised
up on Country and Gospel music. Her grandfather introduced her to the
iconic sounds of legendary artists such as Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash.
As her girl-next-door’s sound rings true, Darling’s musicality expanded
from traditional with a flare of new country. Her influences ranged from
Shania Twain, Alison Krauss to Fleetwood Mac, Carrie Underwood, Sheryl
Cow and Tom Petty to develop Darlings unique style. When Sarah Darling
is not singing or writing this fashionista enjoys cooking sweets, such
as her popular macarons, and spending time with family and friends.

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