Royal Wade Kimes who has written two western novels in audio and one somewhat modern day western in paperback expands his readership with Kindle.  His first novel titled “Eminent Domain and Old Man Smith” which has done well in paperback is now available in electronic format, Kindle, at Amazon.
The novel is about a World War II Veteran who owns a thousand acres of land in Sedalia, Missouri. He had retired and the place was beginning to show signs of needing repairs. The city and some shady characters from Detroit and New York made a deal to bring casinos to the area; and because Old Man Smith wouldn’t sell, they used the new updated law written by the Supreme Court to take the land. The old man said he wasn’t a politician, wasn’t any hand with words, the only thing he was real good with was a gun. He said he would just fight them with what he was best at, to coin a phrase ‘the buck stops here’ in this case, Old Man Smith’s front porch. This is an exciting novel, a roller coaster ride, sentimental, but a real eye opener though most of the book is fiction, so they say. 
The novel has already had an effect on people, and has made a difference in some instances as to the decisions to fight or wave a white flag at an ‘old law made new?’ Royal Wade was promoting the novel on a radio show in Missouri when a couple came to the lobby. They were about to lose their restaurant to a fast food chain. The chain needed parking spaces.  The irony…the owner of the Mom and Pop restaurant was a Veteran of the Korean War. They heard the interview and were seeking advice. Though they never knew, RW took their grievance to the Governor of the State. It turned out to be a juried case and the Governor could not intervene, otherwise he might have. 
Royal Wade Kimes is a leading Cowboy Country Recording Artist, often compared to compared to Marty Robbins and Johnny Cash, and has performed in front of hundreds of thousands of fans in 30 states at fairs, festivals, rodeos,  conventions, night clubs, theaters and special venues, including NASCAR events, the historic Grand Ole Opry and Disney World.  His numerous country, gospel and western albums, powered by an array of hit singles, have contributed to his lasting popularity.  In addition to writing songs for himself, he has written hits for other artists, including Garth Brooks and Diamond Rio.

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