Randy Huston Appreciates Garth’s Comment on Western Songs

Randy Huston Appreciates Garth’s Comment on Western Songs
years ago Garth Brooks hit the country charts for the first time with
his ode to rodeo cowboy and singer Chris LeDoux, “Too Young (To Feel
This Damn Old.)” Garth says he will always include at least one western
song on his albums because of the support he’s had from “the workin’ men
and women in the cowboy hats that supported us and continue to support
and western singer Randy Huston, who met Brooks when he lived in
Nashville and ran a publishing company out of Javelina Studio, says he
is not surprised to hear what the singer has to say about western music.
had the chance to visit with Garth a few times when I was in Nashville,
and it doesn’t surprise me to hear that he would make this statement,”
Huston says. “He and I were both friends with Chris LeDoux, a guy who
was absolutely a top notch person. I knew that Garth admires and values
cowboys and the cowboy lifestyle, and I appreciated that. Not many folks
who sing and perform mainstream music have much of a connection to the
real cowboy, so whenever someone does, it impresses those of us that are
still living the cowboy life.”
had several opportunities to visit with Brooks in Nashville, and not
surprising, the conversation always came around to LeDoux.
can’t remember where we ran in to each other, I think once was at a
Gold album party for Chris, and another time at Javelina studio in
Nashville. I do remember that each time I visited with him, the
conversation would end up gravitating toward Chris, and how we
appreciated having him as a friend.” 
the cowboy is a symbol recognized universally as American, Huston says
there are people who don’t actually think there are cowboys who live and
work the land in many parts of the U.S. today, just as their
predecessors did more than 100 years ago.
don’t realize that the cowboy is alive and well, but we are still out
there living the cowboy lifestyle,” Huston points out. “To borrow the
title from a song written by Ed Bruce, Donnie Blanz, and Judith Bruce that Chris cut, ‘You Just Can’t See Him from the Road.’
“Those of us plying the cowboy trade day in and day out appreciate someone of Garth’s prominence giving us a nod.”
new CD, “Man Against the Machine,” includes two western songs, “Rodeo
and Juliet” and “Cowboys Forever.” Garth is nominated in the Academy of
Country Music’s Entertainer of the Year award, with ceremonies
who is one of the “workin’ cowboys” Garth mentions, has a ranch in
Cuervo, N.M. He just released his third CD of modern western tunes,
“Cowboys & Girls,” which features his daughter Hannah.

Saturday, April 18, Randy and Hannah will receive the National Cowboy
& Western Heritage Museum’s Outstanding Traditional Western Album
award for their CD “Cowboys & Girls.”  In addition, Hannah will
receive the New Horizon Award during the ceremonies, which will take
place in Oklahoma City.

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