Personal Christmas Message from Lizzie Sider

Lizzie Sider “It
was a few days before Christmas a couple of years ago, and I was
playing a show at the Opry Mills Mall.  I was singing a lot of Christmas
songs, along with my own.  That night, I had decided that my finale was
going to be “White Christmas.”  When I started to sing it, I
immediately got the inspiration to pull up little kids from the
audience, bring them on stage, and ask them to sing the song with me.
 The children got so excited, and people young and old, both on the
stage with me and in the audience, sang along.  I loved looking around
at all of the smiling faces, and it was a very special time.  For those
couple of minutes, we were all celebrating the beauty and spirit of the
Holidays, and also one another.”

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