Personal Christmas Message from Jay Jolley

Jay, Jasmine, Rene and Sabrina
Jay Jolley
is my favorite holiday of the year.  Thinking back over the many great
years of Christmas joy, I would have to say one of my coolest and truly
most awesome Christmas memories was made several years ago.  For the
last 10 years, a group of six to 10 fellow musicians gathered and sang
carols at several local hospitals and retirement homes.  We started in
the lobby and then went anywhere the staff would let us, spending
several hours at each location.  A few years back, we were serenading
our way through the hospital hallways and the patients who couldn’t
leave their beds would give us a smile and say, “come on in.”  As we
approached one of the last rooms on the floor, we were told by a visitor
that her mom had been in a coma for several weeks but that she loved
Christmas music.  We all fit snuggly in the room and spent a good 20
minutes singing to her.  Her daughter was ecstatic, and we were hopeful
that somehow our Christmas cheer would help heal their heavy hearts.  To
our surprise, we were told several days later by the hospital that our
music not only brought them cheer, but that the mother had awakened from
her coma.  Unbelievable but true. Music heals, my friends. 

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