“Our past week was filled with a few surprises, not
the least of them being palpitations in the heart of Bob Everhart, the
person writing this missive.  A quick trip to the hospital in Atlantic
revealed some problems with the heart moving blood through the valve
that was replaced some 15 years ago.  Now we’re looking forward to a
trip to the Vet’s Hospital in Omaha for a more thorough examination
which includes an Echo.  Ever had one of those?  I come out of it black
and blue because they have to press so hard with the ‘camera’ that looks
at the heart.  Anyway, we’re not so looking forward to that, but at the
same time we’re absolutely amazed that the heart valve has lasted so
long.  Usually they predict 10 years, so we’re already five over the
ones allocated to us. 
     “On the other hand, we are anxiously looking forward
to our July 5th show at the Oak Tree.  This very interesting show
features Lee Muller from Kansas, and Jackie Shewey from Nebraska.  Both
of them are fine performers, Jackie however is in line for a liver
transplant, and is stolidly waiting for that to happen.  Lee and his
wife Deanna have taken on the responsibility of raising some of his
grandchildren, so both of these artists are under some strain, reason
enough to come support them in this time of worry.
     “The real attraction of the show is the presence of
the very last American flag that flew over Vietnam.  It’s a pretty
amazing story, the young Major that salvaged it from the Viet Cong, took
it with him through customs in Los Angeles (who tried to take it away),
to his office in the Pentagon, then to his office in the CIA, then to
his office in the basement in the White House, and then to an office in
Nashville, Tennessee, called the House of Cash.  What a story, and he
still has the flag with him.  He and the flag will be the centerpiece of
entertainment honoring our great country the United States of America,
which is under a great attack by atheists as I write this.”
     “We definitely had a budget lunch this week,” Bobbie
Lhea added.  “Dad has been so busy getting things ready for Mickey
Gilley to be at the LeMars festival.  First Mickey was coming by himself
and would sing with one of our bands. Then he changed his mind and said
he would be coming by bus bringing his whole band.  Dad said no
electric instruments or drums, so Mickey said OK, I’ll just bring my
musicians and play acoustically.  Then he said he would bring three
girls to sing harmony, could dad get him ten rooms.  Dad said no, so
then Mickey said OK, I’ll bring two busses then.  Well, mom just cooked
up some terrific burgers from the grocery store here in Anita, and they
were super good, broiled the good old fashioned way.  I sure didn’t
mind, they were kind of like her delicious hot dogs that she slow cooks
for the shows at the Oak Tree.”
Bob Everhart – www.ntcma.net

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