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     “The big concert was upon us.  At last we were going
to do a show with June Webb.  Both Sheila and I are excited by this
opportunity, because June is such a good singer.  She’s really
remarkable.  And also, John who arranges things, had originally set this
up to help out the Lipizzan Stallions, and a date conflict threw that
overboard, so steaming on, he arranged to raise some money and attention
for “Save Our Seabirds” which is a non-profit in Sarasota.  Sheila and I
were steadfastly going through the local newspapers to see if there are
any stories, and yes there are, and then, time to go to the Cock &
Bull which is where the concert was held.  Interesting place to say the
least.  The front door is the back door, the back door is the side door,
and the side door is the front door.  That’s according to how you enter
this building.  It’s painted all black, and the first thing you see
when you enter by the front (SIDE) door, is about a thousand or more
bottles of beer in a cooler, from all over the world.  It’s also
however, a class restaurant.”
     “In reading the newspapers,” Sheila added, “we noticed
how Sarasota leans toward classical music.  Of course we’re always
concerned that some members of an audience might not appreciate country
music, or at least traditional country music.  John had the show nailed
down pretty good, a very good foursome opened, with three girls on
fiddle, mandolin, and guitar.  Their harmony was exceptional.  Then Bob
& Sheila went on, lots more people heading in by this time, and then
June Webb is on with her own backing band, and by then there was a
sizable crowd there. Right in the middle of the audience seating area,
they have a big fire pit, and of course they made a fire, kept the smoke
down, and everyone enjoyed this old-time country music show very much.”
     “As it turned out,” Bob said, “we raised some money
for the seabirds, we sold some CD’s, but more importantly we got some
media attention for the new CEO of that organization, and he was
mightily pleased.  I don’t often add things in this column about what
other people say, but I can’t pass this one up.  After we got back to
our campground, the next day, Sheila got an e-mail from June
Webb…..”Hello Sheila, this is June Webb.  I was disappointed that I
did not get an opportunity to chat with you a bit Saturday, I got
distracted with all the confusion over the sound system and a painful,
swollen, previously broken ankle, seriously restricting my mobility.  I
truly enjoyed you and Bob’s show, it was very entertaining and the music
wonderful.  I generally do not compliment folks on the upright bass
because my sister Shirley , who performed with me as the Webb Sisters,
played upright bass and was amazing.  However, you are terrific so I
felt compelled to tell you so.  Thank you so much for lending your time
and skills to aid the “Save Our Seabirds” organization, and for sharing a
stage with me.  I really enjoyed it! God Bless you…June.”
     Well, it all turned out fine, we had a grand time, and Bobbie will tell you about her amazing Budget lunch next time.

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