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     “On the road again….”  Bob & Sheila and their
daughter Bobbie Lhea, are on the road in Florida.  “We have managed to
get the RV parks we perform at to also provide several nights camping,”
Bob was quick to point out, “and sometimes we can negotiate a week or
more.  We stayed at the Glades for a week, which is where we spent
Christmas.  Christmas Eve, Sheila prepared a nice repast.  She tries to
put together a “Jesus” meal.  Sometimes it’s lamb, lots of cheese like
Feta, hummuss of course, cous cous, pita bread, and it’s a very nice
occasion for us.  We exchange gifts on Christmas Day, and again Sheila
prepares a really nice meal.  This year it was pork loins wrapped around
sausage, the whole thing wrapped in bacon and roasted.  We even had
some roasted chestnuts.  Very very good.  The Glades is pretty isolated,
and very on again off again WiFi signal, so we’re glad to be back ‘on
the road again.’  We stopped at Camping World to get our electric plug
fixed. Sheila says it’s too frayed to keep trying to use it as is, so
off we went to Camping World.  Twenty minutes and $92 dollars later, we
had a new plug on the end of our electric cable.  Whew.  I’m going to
take up electric as my new occupation.”
     We’re getting ready for New Years, but we’ve had a
couple of very interesting shows in the meantime.  A very nice guy, who
used to be a booking agent in Nashville, called and offered us a couple
of gigs.  Not a whole bunch of money, but enough to make it very
worthwhile, because the benefits were so interesting.  First one was at
the Cafe’ Evergreen.  I really like the way this guy promoted the show. 
This particular cafe’ hosts ‘world class dinner shows’ about once a
month.  Last month Eddie & Martha Adcock were on it; next month is
Newton & Thomas; and the month after that a very popular and
successful Swedish pop star Sofia Talvik.  There are two shows, 6:30pm
and 8pm, and in our case they were both sold out.  The cafe’ is located
at Warm Mineral Springs, the supposed fountain of youth that Ponce de
Leon discovered.  It costs $20 to get into the springs, but no
additional charge at the cafe’ except what you eat, and their food was
absolutely delightful.  Anyway, both of our shows were sold out, and we
were so surprised at who attended.  Just before we finished the second
show (a totally different audience) I decided to talk to some of the
audience.  In attendance was two couples from Poland (no they didn’t
know each other); lots of folks from various parts of Eastern USA; one
lady worked for NBC television all her life, and lo and behold, there
sitting in the front row was Bobby Yates.  He lives in Punta Gorda just a
stones throw away.  He was inducted into America’s Old Time Country
Music Hall of Fame last year.  What a surprise.  One of the benefits was
that we got to dine at the cafe’ during intermission.  We all had
steaks, at the urging of the chef.  The Chef and his beautiful wife
Annette, who own the cafe’ are from Cologne, Germany.  One of the items
on the menu was beet borsk.  There are a lot of Russians living in this
area.  We tried the borsk and found it very very good.  We had a super
time, sold a lot of CD’s, got paid well, and really enjoyed the upscale
atmosphere of this very European cafe’.
     “Dad found a most neat place for a budget lunch,”
Bobbie Lhea piped up.  He took us to the “Elephant Bar” which is a
restaurant in a huge shopping center in Fort Myers.  He had rules
though.  We could only order ‘appetizers.’  And it worked really really
well.  Dad had french onion soup and coconut shrimp.  Mom had a
wood-fired cheeseburger, and I had some french onion soup and a side
order of calamari.  Yum yum, it was delicious, and we just barely got
three meals for $20.  We had to drink ice water with lemon though, but
that was just fine by me.”
     “We just got a call back from Frog Creek,” Sheila
added.  “They want us to come back there and do an old-time Gospel
show.  We will enjoy that.  Pay is good, and the location is stunning. 
We get to park right next to Frog Creek, watch the little lizards
running all over the place, and totally enjoy the sunny days and cool
nights of Florida.”

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