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     Julliette, Georgia, is a long ways off the beaten
path,” Bob Everhart says.  “It’s one of the most unusual villages we
have ever visited.   And, it’s much like it was when it was the main
shooting scene for the extraordinary film, “Fried Green Tomatoes.”  When
the movie company had finished filming, they returned the ‘cafe’ (it
was formerly an antique store) back over to it’s owners, with the hope
that they might continue keeping it as a cafe.  Indeed they did, so we
stopped their for lunch, and a stroll around the little town that was so
prominent in the film.  Still lots of memories in this little village,
but the ‘cafe’ is the center piece. The film featured Kathy Bates and
Jessica Tandy, and a couple of really good looking younger women.  It
was a super film, and centered almost entirely around the ‘cafe,’ whose
specialty was fried green tomatoes.  They are on the menu of course, so
we had a go at them, and found them quite good, but if you saw the
movie, you know the major food item that played such an important part
of the story, is bar-b-qued ribs.  In this case, it’s ‘human’ ribs.  If
you haven’t seen the movie, the DVD is still available, now mostly in
the $5 bin.  We bought a copy of the film at one of the local ‘memory’
stores, and watched it again.  It’s a super film, couple of oscars,
etc., with a real ‘kicker’ at the end.  Sheila had ‘Bennet’s’ pulled
pork sandwich, Bobbie had  southern fried catfish (really really good),
and I had the ‘ribs.’  Well, they sure were different, and it wasn’t a
budget lunch, but we sure had a pleasant afternoon in this little tiny
Georgia town.”
     “We also stopped to see one of the ‘national’ park
sites, Ocmulgee,” Bobbie Lhea added.  “This was a super neat park.  It
still has all the huge mounds built by the local Indians so long ago,
with a terrific film and museum about this amazing site.  Dad still says
there were human beings on planet earth before the dinosaurs, and he
keeps telling me this historical site is one of the places where the
small amount of surviving humans lived after the dinosaurs were gone. 
They were a really advanced civilization, and I found it totally
     “We’re off to our first performance in Florida,”
Sheila added.  “It’s at the Manatee Springs Park, where we will be
performing at their waterfront amphitheater.  We’re sure looking forward
to that.”

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