To say the Everhart’s are ‘on the road’ is an
understatement.  They just returned from a 4-month tour of Florida, and
last week we found them in St. Paul, Minnesota, invited to see a concert
by Michael Nesmith.
     “You might not remember who Michael Nesmith is,” Bob
said, “he was the young guy in the green stocking cap on a television
show called the Monkees.  It was supposed to be a humorous
television program making fun of the Beatles, and it did that, but more
importantly it was an opportunity for a young Texan to take his
12-string guitar, his wit, and his uncanny ability to write beautiful
love songs to another level.  Sheila was a fan of the Monkees long
before I was, but I’ve been a long-time fan of Nesmith, especially when
he had his ‘First National Band’ and did so much really good country
music with steel player Red Rhodes, after the Monkees.  And yes, when he
did his show at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul (this is where
Prairie Home Companion is taped), he had a steel player with him.  (Red
Rhodes passed away several years ago).  He even did a song using a tape
of Rhodes, so they could still do it together….live.  It was
incredibly well done, as was the entire two-hour concert.  A really
remarkable concert that we see so little of these days, with really good
musicians playing really good music, and better ‘country’ music than
anything on the charts anywhere.”
     “When we got back home, we got an e-mail asking us to
tell them how we liked the concert,” Sheila said.  “Bob immediately told
them that they needed to move Garrison and the Companion to Des Moines
or Omaha or North Platte, because Michael Nesmith ‘rules’ St. Paul. 
Well, I don’t think they will do that, but to say Nesmith’s concert was
incredible, is an understatement.  He was that and much much more.  He
did the songs he wrote over the years, and introduced each song with a
short story about why he wrote it.  It was an absolutely thrilling way
to see and hear a remarkable concert.”
     “Dad finally found a close-to-home place to get a
budget lunch,” Bobbie Lhea, the Everhart’s daughter piped up. “We had a
grand time in St. Paul, but there certainly wasn’t any budget lunch on
that trip, but our Casey’s store just remodeled and reopened in Anita,
and they have added a great ‘sub’ restaurant to their great pizzas, so
that’s what we had.  I can give you the breakdown because dad gave me
the receipt.  Mom and I each had an Italian beef sub, and dad had a
roast beef.  We had three Lipton Sweet Teas, and the total was $14.90. 
Dad had a big smile on his face when he handed me the receipt, but I
know it was also because these subs are really good, and make a very
nice filling lunch.  I can’t wait for our next big adventure and that’s
the SpringFest at the Oak Tree Opry in Anita.  Dad says there are over
30 performers coming, I can’t wait.  April 19-20-21, can’t wait.”

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