Anita, Iowa…..”Wow, the ‘Roys’ put on one incredibly
good show at the Oak Tree.”  Bob & Sheila Everhart of Anita, Iowa,
have become good friends with very probably the most popular
bluegrass/traditional-country/gospel acoustic music group traveling
today.  “The Roy’s don’t just travel the highways and byways of
America,” Sheila said, “they are leaving for a tour of Europe, first
stop Denmark.  They just simply did a wonderful job to a full house at
our little Oak Tree Performance Center in Anita.  Next show is another
house filler, Dale Eichor (KWMT Ft Dodge disc jockey) and legendary Iowa
country singer Bobby Awe.  Both of these wonderful performers are
lamenting the loss of America’s most popular living classic country
singer, George Jones.  It was difficult to say the least to learn that
there are so few left that really do country music.  Just about
everything we hear today labeled country music is anything  but.”
     “We were never able to get George Jones into America’s
Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame,” Bob added, “maybe we will do that
on May 3rd, and have Dale and Bobby accept the induction on behalf of
George.  If that be the case, I’m sure we’ll hear a good Jones song or
two.  He did so many incredibly well written country songs, it’s just
hard to imagine that he won’t be out there making it work like it
should.  No pretender in George Jones, he was the real deal, very unlike
what we hear today called country music.”
     “A lot of people ask me if we ever have a nice
dinner,” Bobbie Lhea, the Everhart’s daughter added.  “I always talk
about a budget lunch when dad asks me what I want to say, but this time
I’m going to brag on dad a little.  He took me and mom to the Holland
Center in Omaha to hear the Omaha Symphony perform the music, as we
watched the first “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie, which dad knows I
really liked.  The Symphony was really really good, and to have the
music so right next to you as you watched the film was an amazing
experience.  Anyway, dad took mom and me to the Saigon Surface, a
Vietnamese restaurant in downtown Omaha.  I was amazed, but dad had new
rules.  If we were not going to do a budget lunch, then it had to be a
budget dinner, and the limit for the three of us was $50.  I didn’t
think that would work, but it did. Both dad and I had prawns and pork in
a clay pot, and mom had Vietnamese shaken beef.  At $15 each, we had
enough left over to have some calamari.  No drinks of course, we had to
have iced water, but they brought it with a slice of cucumber in it. 
What a delight, the food was so good, and now maybe we’ll get to have a
nice dinner once in awhile.  I’d really like to go back to this
restaurant, next time I’d try curry duck in a clay pot, mom wants ginger
chicken in a clay pot and dad wants to try bo kho which is braised
black angus.  Yes, it all works for three ‘nice’ dinners for under $50. 
Thanks to the lady that asked me about a ‘nice’ dinner once in awhile.”
     “We’re sure going to have a nice time at the Oak Tree
May 3rd,” Bob added, “Dale Eichor and Bobby Awe are super performers and
the theater will fill up, so reservations are highly recommended at 712-762-4363
Bobby Lhea is wondering if we can get a ‘nice’ dinner at the Redwood
Steakhouse here in Anita.  I don’t know yet, I’ll have to check the

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