Anita, Iowa…..”The news is discouraging today.  Our
Pioneer Music Museum in Anita was broken into, and a number of items
were stolen.  We’ve worked so hard over the years for a ‘place’ for
classic and traditional country, bluegrass, and folk music (as we know
it in the upper Midwest) to be showcased and displayed.  Over the many
years we have been doing this, certainly a labor of love, there are
those who do not know the meaning of the word ‘love.’  A ways and means
to make a fast dollar by breaking, entering, and stealing, and then
taking some items that wouldn’t make a dollar seems pathetically stupid
to us.  They stole Johnny Cash’s harmonicas for instance.  All they have
is two harmonicas that they can say belonged to Johnny Cash, but they
do not have any authentication.  The authentication is in our files in
our office.  All they have is two harmonicas.  It’s the same with June
Carter’s autoharp finger picks.  Why they would take Johnny Cash’s Hall
of Fame photo-plaque is also a mind-bender.  It would be of no value
except to the museum. They took other things too, like Tom Swatzell’s
special Gibson Dobro.  That could fetch some dollars, but we have the
product identification number for it.  That would leave a paper trail if
they sold or pawned it.  Anyway, we’re very sad that our little museum
in a small rural town has been the victim of pillage.  It seems so
senseless to us, and so incredibly stupid.  But then again, we have lots
of stupid people in our world these days.”
     “Bob is right,” Sheila added.  “We had just finished
the first half of our Friday night show at the Oak Tree Opry, which is
just across the street from the museum.  Pat Boilesen, one of our Hall
of Fame inductees, had a most delightful show. We had some additional
‘younguns’ on that really made the evening magic.  Calvin Duhacek played
ragtime piano, Emma Heyen sang Patsy Cline, and Jeremie Faga did some
John Denver.  Absolutely great.  Pat even had a special guest on her
part of the show, Elton Flodman from Central City, Nebraska, is an
incredible singer, and he was wonderful.  We had some guests over
intermission who wanted to see the museum, so Arlyn Lund opened it up,
and that was when the hole in the wall was discovered.  A quick
appraisal of the situation turned up the missing items.  Somehow we hope
they can be returned to their rightful place in the little Pioneer
Music Museum.”
     “With all the excitement going on, I was afraid dad
wouldn’t ask me about my budget lunch,” Bobbie Lhea piped up.  “I’m sure
sorry that someone felt they needed to invade that little museum, it’s
only there to remember lots of great people who do country music.  It
never makes any money, but it sure didn’t deserve that kind of
violation.  Anyway, dad figured out a good budget lunch.  He
brought home some Buffalo Wings.  This is chicken wings, with a
bar-b-que sauce on them.  They sure were good.  I asked dad where he got
them, and he said they came from Casey’s.  It’s a new item they have,
and they sure qualified as a budget lunch, they only cost fifty cents
     Next show at the little Oak Tree Opry performance
center in Anita, is October 12 with Storm Seymour and his niece
Stephanie Snow.  According to Bob, “We are going to do the Rural Music
Gathering at the Christensen Field House in Fremont, Nebraska, first, on
Oct. 5-6-7.  This might be the last one we do there, especially if they
raise the rent too high for next year.  We’ve been told they spent a
million dollars fixing it up, so if that comes down on us as rent
increase, we’ll probably not do it.  Terry Smith is with us this year
along with 50 or more other great entertainers.  So we certainly urge
anyone that likes country music ‘country’ come see us for a pleasant
weekend.  Culver’s Restaurant is bringing their mobile kitchen so we’ll
have lots of good food, including special breakfast, lunch, and dinner

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