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     Anita, Iowa…..”We’ve been kind of ‘stay at home’
this past week.”  Says Sheila Everhart, the acoustic bass musician of
the Smithsonian Dynamic Duo “Bob & Sheila.”  We had to get ready for
Memorial Day, and we are getting the theater ready for a show by the
very entertaining John & Susan McNeill band from South Dakota, who
will be performing at the Oak Tree Opry on June 1. We don’t often have
too many ‘bring em’ back’ artists at our little performance center, but
this couple are so entertaining, and a lot of folks have asked that they
come back, so here they are.  Bob’s been busy in the museum getting the
spider webs down and finishing the repairs we had to make.  We have
several tour groups coming this year.  The museum and the old-time music
hall of fame is getting so full, we can only get about 15 or 20 people
at any one time in the museum for a tour, but Bob still likes doing
that, and he’s the one that has all the stories about some of the
artists that are inducted there.”
     “We keep adding more and more to the museum,” Bob
said, “and our California friend Bob Duff who used to live here in
Anita, said the museum is probably worth over a million dollars.  He’s
suggested moving it to Las Vegas, or maybe finding a theater in Branson
that it would work alongside some traditional and ‘real-deal’ country,
bluegrass, and folk music, which is so far removed from today’s ‘pop’
music.  The bottom line, according to Mr. Duff is, more people need to
see this incredible ‘story’ about how music evolved in the state of
     “Well, dad finally broke down and took us to the
Burger King for a budget lunch.” said Bobbie Lhea, the Everhart’s 15
year old daughter proclaimed.  “But he made us eat salads.  Yuk!  But
when we got them, I discovered they were really pretty good.  My
favorite is grilled chicken cranberry & bleu cheese with ranch
dressing.  It was really good, and filled me right up. And, the calories
were way down, so it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but I
still like the whopper better.”
     “I got to wondering why Bob Duff suggested moving our
museum to Las Vegas,” Bob added.  “Did you know that the revenue
generated from gambling is more than the revenue that comes from movies,
cruise ships, recorded music, theme parks, and spectator
sports….combined?  Wow, no wonder he’s so keen on that.  I wonder if
that includes the revenue from the Staples Center Laker’s games in LA?”
     “We’re still on the “A” list to perform at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC for the Woody Guthrie birthday finale,”
Sheila added.  “If we get to do that, it will probably mean we won’t be
going to Paris because they are both in mid-October. Bob has also been
very busy lining up some gigs for our winter in Florida.  He has quite a
few to get us started, but we still need a few more to make it all pay
for itself.  In the meantime, don’t forget June 1 at the Oak Tree. 
Great show coming up.”

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