Oak Ridge Boys Call & Serenade President George H.W. Bush

While former President George H.W. Bush is recovering, The Oak Ridge
Boys decided to spread some happy recovery vibes and serenade the former
president over the phone.
Words cannot properly express how much The Oaks’ special performance
meant to the President and the Bush family. This friendship goes back
many years, and what happened yesterday gave the President a real shot
in the arm as he, thankfully, continues to improve. The Bushes continue
to feel so blessed to have so many friends like The Oaks, and wish to
thank one and all for their prayers and good wishes.” – Office of George
H. W. Bush
“Yesterday morning, The Oak Ridge Boys received the daily report from
President Bush (41’s) staff. The report of his health was that he was
improving each day. Then, we received another message, Barbara Bush
requested that we call the President and sing to him! All of the Oak
Ridge Boys are on vacation, but we all headed to our office upon hearing
of this request. We called the President and sang for him. He asked to
hear Elvira, so we sang that for him, and then we sang one verse of
Amazing Grace.” – Duane Allen, The Oak Ridge Boys

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