(Nashville, TN-7-22-13)  The
Nashville Palace has closed it doors for the last time under the current
ownership.  They locked the door at the end of the night of July 17,
2013.  Let’s hope that if and when the Palace ever opens again, that there
will be real country music on the stage to bring fans through the doors as they
once did at the Old Nashville Palace.  I was going to send this PR out
last Thursday but I opted to wait and see. 
in Nashville knew it was only a matter of time before the Palace could no
longer feed the kitty of expenses.  One of the main problems of the venue
was a sound system manufactured by Fred from the Flintsones.  People in
the balcony could never hear the singer, only the band, so I guess it all comes
down to management not wanting to spend the money to make necessary changes to
update the venue to be successful or they did not care to make the venue
blessing in disguise to see the doors locked tight, but there is speculation
that there could be a group who might be interested in the Nashville Palace,
but that is not set in stone.  Anything would be better than to see the
Palace parking lot empty each and every night of every week.  I believe
our R.O.P.E. Breakfast with the Stars featuring Mel Tillis and The Statesiders
was one of the largest crowds to attend an event at the Palace since the venue
was opened.

will never understand how a nightclub right across the street from the Opryland
Hotel should have to close its door.  I can only guess that people come to
our city to hear real country music, not country rock n roll.  There are
some that say it was the way the building was constructed inside.  A
professional sound system is money in the bank for any venue that wants to
enjoy success.

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