Just in case you are not a fan of MTV Video Music Awards
Show, which aired last Sunday, and Miley Cyrus was given free rein to perform a
dance that has caused a lot of pro’s and con’s for those who
watched the show.  It looks like the media blitz that she caused has done
what her management team felt it would do for her career.  These types of
publicity are mostly done those artists who are breathing the last breath of
their careers.  I have had this editorial written or a week now and there
is no way I am going to not have comments on this brutal example of what was
deemed a dance.  I realize the MTV show is not country, Miley Cyrus and
Robin Thicke are not country, but I feel compelled to write about this scandal
that was televised nationwide. Politics in music has no equal when it comes to
buying whatever you want, when you know the right people.  You do not need
to be a country music fan to watch something as pitiful as M. Cyrus dance and
not have some kind of comments.
The media has had a circus with Miley Cyrus and her
so-called dance, but there are still many in the media who use this type of
negative promotion for their bosses, and then there are those in the media who
do not want to comment on this story, but I am going to speak out as I normally
do.  I am sick and tired of these type of artists promoting sex instead of
music.  There was nothing musical about her performance this past Sunday
night, so I am ready for all Pro’s and Con’s.  I am not going
to add a picture to my comments, because I would not give Miley Cryrus the
satisfaction of a picture to exploit her slowly dying career. The following is
a quote from her father Billy Ray Cyrus, that was in an article written by
Cindy Watts in the (8.28.13) issue of The Tennessean.  Miley Cyrus is
seemingly in the crosshairs of parents everywhere for her racy and provocative
performance with Robin Thicke on MTV’s
Video Music Awards on Sunday, but dad Billy Ray Cyrus is
still squarely in the former Disney star’s corner.  “Of
course I’ll always be here for Miley,” Billy Ray Cyrus told
Entertainment Tonight’s Nancy O’Dell. “Can’t wait [to] see her when
she gets home. She’s still my little
girl and I’m still her dad regardless how this circus we call show
business plays out. I love her unconditionally and that will never
I will grant Billy Ray’s comments on show
business being a circus exactly right
, but a circus is filled with entertaining
professionals and not with some kind of perverted dance with sexual content. 
At least that is what I have seen at the last circus I attended with my
Cindy Watts was very kind in her article regarding
Miley Cyrus’s performance on the MTV’s Video Music Awards this past
Sunday, but I am not going to be so kind.  Racy and provocative, but what
I saw was nasty and trashy. 
First of all she should stick to her singing
which will never get any better, but her dancing stunk up the stage, and if MTV
was looking for ratings, I rated this show as the best of the garbage
dumpsters.  From her father’s Achy Breaky Heart dance, which by the
way at least started a new dance trend, to this exposure of a no talented
artist trying to draw attention to her body, and having Robin Thicke enjoying
the publicity he never could get on his own, but he was getting from Miley
Cyrus gyrations.  If I were the producer or director of MTV, she would
have never got in front of the camera’s with the dance.  To think of
all of the young people who think she is so great, what a rude awakening many
will have, but I am sure there are those who saw no wrong with her dance. 
I guess the producers and directors needed the ratings so desperately that they
threw caution to the wind.  No doubt she will get a large amount of publicity
for exposing herself with her sexually suggested moves, but evidently that is
what her and her team were wanting.  Television people when it comes to
these awards shows, do not seem to care anymore about what goes in front of the
camera’s, or behind the camera’s, just the ratings.  Country
Music Awards at least have the decency of not allowing such trash to take
place.  No wonder this country is having a tough time trying to find its
way back to our days of integrity. 
I am not a prude by no stretch of the imagination, but
Miley Cyrus is not a gifted singer or entertainer, and surely not a sex symbol,
and her partner Robin Thicke was worthless as Miley’s dummy.  She
has no respect for herself, her parents, or the music business. 
For Billy Ray Cyrus to say he loves his daughter
unconditionally, and that will never change,  I accept that as the way it
should be, because I have children of my own, but it seems evident that his
daughter needs help-professional help. 
Billy Ray and his wife have had
their own personal problems of late, so it looks like Miley is going to do
whatever she wants to do.  This is not the first negative incident in Miley
Cyrus’s life.  She can smell out trouble and if it means publicity
for her career, she will jump at the chance to be in the limelight.  Maybe
Billy Ray and his wife need to have a heart to heart talk with their daughter,
and possibly bring a sledge hammer along to make sure she listens and
understands what people say about her.  Billy Ray Cyrus is a mega star, so
he needs to step up publicly and help his daughter get rid of the management
team that are steering her in the wrong direction.  If Billy Ray really wants
to support his daughters way of expressing herself with filthy and indecent
dance moves, then that tells me something of how he defines the meaning of
At this time everyone is talking about her segment of
the show, but she will never be a superstar in any music genre, and probably
not even get a job in any strip joint.  Every music genre
has its famous ladies and some music genre’s have female artists who are
not ladies, but Miley Cyrus gets the award for the trashiest, most indecent,
nasty, and dirtiest promotional gimmick that I have ever seen.  Her Dad
needs someone find someone to write a script for answers to questions that he
is going to be bombarded with when he gives his first interview regarding his daughter’s
actions on television this past Sunday. It does not take much talent to show
one’s b—t, but no doubt Miley needs professional help from a licensed
psychiatrist, a dance
instructor, and a dress designer, because there are those who evidently approve
of her actions.  What happened to Hannah WHO????  Some people do
not know how to handle success, but when you are young and successful, guidance
by management teams can sometimes take a young and fledging artist down the
wrong road, and I believe that M. Cyrus is traveling on that road, where she
will end up by herself, if she does not change her ways.
say to Miley.  You were not sexy, not provocative, not racy, but you were embarrassing
to the general public, and some of the television audience.  How about
learning how to do a good Texas Two Step on your next show, whenever that may
I could add so much more to this article, but it seems
like some of the children of major stars are making life miserable for their
parents.  How many of you remember that old saying, “Spare the
rod and spoil the child.” 
Miley Cyrus has no doubt been spared
the rod. 
I realize that there are those who will totally
disagree with my comments, so please please note that I am open to receive your
thoughts, whether they be pro or con, and if you have followed my editorials in
the past, you know that I always accept comments from those who disagree with


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