Mike Aiken, Beers, Bikinis & Boats

Mike Aiken’s “Summertime Song” Video
‘A Day At The Beach’
Beers, Bikinis & Boats Show Artist’s Playful Side
Nashville, TN (July 15, 2013) – Mike Aiken’s new “Summertime Song” video, shot
on the fourth of July weekend in 95-degree heat and 90-percent humidity
at various Virginia locations, shows an entertaining Aiken in full
“play” mode. “Summertime Song” is the first single from Mike’s sixth studio album, CAPTAINS & COWBOYS, released in April on Northwind Records.
“It’s a fun tune about playing ‘hooky’ from life,” Aiken says with a grin.  Co-written by Aiken and Tim Buppert (“She’s Sure Taking It Well,” “Another Nine Minutes”),
the track literally sizzles with life and features scorching guitar
runs by Aiken and the legendary Dan Baird (Georgia Satellites).  The
high-spirited number lent itself perfectly to a video that launches at
summer’s peak.  To help get into the swing of things, Mike actually
popped a cold one at 10 a.m. noting, “Sometimes you just gotta cut
wasn’t the only one feeling frisky during shooting:  after spending an
hour trying (and failing) to communicate with a group of
Spanish-speaking vacationers from South America, Aiken was happy to see
the video’s producer, Andrew Piland, doing the famous Virginia “lizard
dance.”  “Poor Andrew was trying to get a particular shot, and the next
thing he knew there was a lizard crawling up his leg,” Mike chuckles. 
“I hate to laugh at the guy, but, man, it was hilarious watching him
shake it loose.”  Footage taken during that escapade did not make the
final cut.
Mike Aiken Summertime perf shot
What did make the finished product are beach and ocean scenes
contributed by friends from around the globe.  “We used some footage
from our own travels,” Mike notes. “But we were also able to incorporate
clips from the
Bahamas, Costa Rica, California and Brazil sent to us by friends.  We like to keep our world view as large as possible.”  
also loves sharing the view of the southern Virginia area he and his
wife currently call home.  The two live aboard a 42-foot sailboat and
just like in the video, they moor at a marina full of characters
straight out of the movies.  One of their favorite local attractions is
also featured in the clip, and Mike encourages visitors to stop by First Landing State Park for a true “beach” experience.
his fans who are unable to travel to the beach, Mike urges them to grab
a cold one and settle in front of their screens for four minutes of
escapism the Mike Aiken way.  “I want folks to actually feel the sand
between their toes when they watch this video,” Mike says with a laugh. 
“Because a day at the beach beats most days anywhere else.”
Catch up with Mike and follow his antics at http://mikeaikenmusic.com/.

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