Michael Lonstar – solid as a rock!

 Michael Lonstar – solid as a rock! 

is a story about a man from Poland, which is moving around for quite
a long time, in the country music scene, all over the world. This man
that deeply moved and captivate me, when I met him for the first time
in April of this year. Cap
by his kind of charisma and the wise and impressive words that he
said. A man that has seen a lot. He met celebrities and can count a
few of them to his best friends, celebrities of long time ago in
country music. He knew people that have been an ideal for all of you,
that made you to the person, you are today and the person you want to
be in the future! A man, that leave a mark to remember with his
appearances and the things he has to say. Impressions that stay,
marks which I never will forget, because I met this amazing man.
There are some people, you maybe only face once in your lifetime, but
you never forget them, because of the important things they said.
Words, that touched you and their presence and charisma, have been so
special and extraordinary. One of those kind of people is „Michael
Lonstar“, he is down to earth, a very pleasant conversational
partner, that has to say a lot. When he is talking, you listen to
what he has to tell, he speaks wise words and one of his stories that
touched him, I would like to share with you today, in the same way,
he shared it with me. I will cite him, word by word, so that nothing
will get lost, what he told me. Michael Lonestar told me, during an
interview, after I asked him, if he had a special kind of story about
his life, the following story, Michael Lonstar said, quote, “Well
there are a lot of them, but I think, I might quote one, which is
connected to Grand Ole Opry and Nashville. That was one my first
times ever; when I suppose to appear on stage on Grand ole Opry, as
George Hamilton’s guest, and I didn´t feel any stage fright,
because everybody was so nice to me and in the band and everything.
The sound check and the rehearsal was perfectly all right and it was
so supportive, but when I sang my part, only one song, I run of
stage, crying out loud, out of emotion. It is not that I had tears in
my eyes, I was crying out loud like a baby, and I was so ashamed of
my reaction, that I hide deep inside, on the darkest corner of the
backstage. And all of the sudden, I feel somebody touching my arm in
the darkness and I hear the voice, known elsewhere, a very well known
voice saying in a low baritone “Son, don´t you be ashamed of your
tears, because everyone reacts here this way, first time around, me
included!” So I looked around to see, who that was, and that was no
other one than Hank Snow. That was in the year of 1989, so he was an
older gentleman, but he was still singing, and imagine me, a
perfectly nobody, I was just a kid from behind the iron curtain, and
he was a iconic, a super monumental star, and yet he obviously
noticed my reaction and he bother to follow me backstage, and say
those encouraging words. Not only that, he also admitted, “me
included”, which means, maybe 40 years earlier, he as a young boy,
reacted that way with tears and crying. So I said oh my god, if that
guy reacted that way, many, many years earlier so there is nothing
wrong with me. And it was so encouraging and I never will forget that
and that was, still is one of the motors in my life, that no matter
of the people work ahead of me, people I look up to, because Hank
Snow was one of my idols, as a little boy, I was looking up at Ernest
Tubb and Hank Snow, there are my idols. And all of the sudden that
idol, that I idolized for so many years for a decade, says these
words to me, that he also cried, stepping of stage for stand around,
so that is one of the most incredible stories that happened to

think I don´t have to say anything else, you will understand, why I
posted this story!

Review by Gaby Agrikola

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