Marguerite Cahill released 4 track CD

Marguerite Cahill from edenderry Ireland has
released a 4 track cd,

Travelling solider, she’s in love with the
boy, when you say nothing at all and piece of my heart

This is released for charity, temple street
children’s hospital.

I would really appreciate it if you would
consider giving this some airplay on your radio station and your show
as marguerite has such an amazing voice, SHE IS INCREDIBLE HER VOCALS

The video to travellin solider is due for
release sometime in august and will be shown on hot country.

Travellin solider is dedicated to marguerites
best friend who was a solider and who died so this was in memory of
him and is also for anyone else who knows of a solider out there
fighting , piece of my heart was recorded because that’s exactly
what I wanted to give back .

Marguerite Cahill has been singing since she
was a child but never got really much done until she tuned 16 and she
entered a singing competition and came out 3rd and thought to herself
I want to do this for a living, a little girl with a big dream!! Then
unfortunately at the time things did not work out with music and she
finished school and went onto collage, then got a job at a leading
supermarket where I still work there today.

In 2008 temple street children’s hospital was
Tesco’s charity of the year and I was a sick baby myself at 1lb/2
ounces if it wasn’t for all the doctors and nurses I would not be
here today so I wanted to make a special effort to raise money for
them, I raised 6500 for them which bought them an incubator to save
more kids like me, hence the release of this 4 track cd.

When it came to choosing the songs I drew a
blank until unfortunately I lost one of my best friends as he was a
solider so travellin solider is for him. Piece of my heart is what I
would like to give back, she’s in love with the boy and when you
say nothing at all I just like the two songs.

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