Legends In My Mind Volume 3: This Man Called Dallas

Legends In My Mind Volume 3: This Man Called Dallas


Midland, TX (July 25, 2012) – This Saturday, July 28th will mark the
release of country recording artist Ken Goldsmith’s latest studio
effort, the third album in his trilogy Legends In My Mind.
A tribute to legendary songwriter Dallas Frazier, his perviously
released volumes also paid homage to those that have shaped and inspired
Goldsmith’s music career.

The album is another realization of a dream that Goldsmith had long ago
laid to rest. Having built an empire of shops, offices, and warehouses –
affectionately named ‘Mudland’ – and a successful drilling fluids
company, he had since dropped the idea of becoming a country recording
artist. “My employees asked me what they could do for me to make me
happy on my 50th birthday… After much prayer and meditation on the
subject, I realized not one material thing could make me happy. The one
thing that made me happy was to sing.”

This epiphany resulted in a crusade to make the most of that dream.
Goldsmith began to seek inspiration within the music industry and
quickly decided building a network of songwriters would be his best bet.
“Although meeting the recording artist who had the big hits might be
interesting, meeting the writers would be inspiring.” Through his
networking efforts, Goldsmith met and immediately connected with
Frazier. “Dallas and I had very similiar childhood experiences. When I
looked over his BMI catalog, I began to realize the majority of my
favorite country songs from the early ’60s and ’70s were written by

Through Frazier, Goldsmith met Nashville Songwriters Association
International’s original founding member and past president Buddy Mize.
He set out to create a compilation of Frazier’s greatest accomplishments
and, with Mize, penned the album’s feature song, This Man Called Dallas.

Aside from achieving his dreams, Goldsmith has also gained many memories
in the process. “Buddy and Dallas wrote a song the year I was born
called Gonna Go Down to the River Once More. One of my fondest
memories of all time will be of the day that Dallas, Buddy and I cut our
version of the song at Gerry Peter’s Midi Magic Studio in Bellevue,
Tennesse – just outside of Music City.”

Legends In My Mind Volume 3: This Man Called Dallas will be available for purchase on iTunes within the week.

Track Listing for Legends In My Mind Volume 3: This Man Called Dallas:
1. Mohair Sam – 2:32
2. Just For What I Am – 2:45
3. He Is My Everything – 3:20
4. Don’t Anyone Make Love At Home Anymore – 2:48
5. There Goes My Everything – 3:32
6. I’m So Afraid Of Losing You Again – 3:14
7. Hank & Lefty Raised My Country Soul – 2:41
8. All I Have To Offer You Is Me – 3:11
9. Fourteen Carat Mind – 2:41
10. Then Who Am I – 2:31
11. If My Heart Had Windows – 2:32
12. Walk Softly On The Bridges – 3:15
13. Big Mable Murphy – 3:45
14. This Man Called Dallas – 3:48
15. Gonna Go Down The River Once More – 2:06

About Ken Goldsmith
Snyder, Texas native Ken Goldsmith has found much success in his
drilling fluids company, Mudsmith, Ltd – that paired with a strong work
ethic has allowed him to realize his dreams, which include a 10-acre
spread in Midland, Texas – affectionately named ‘Mudland’ – of shops,
offices, warehouses and, most recently, MudRock Recording Studio – a
state-of-the-art facility feautring a 4,000 square foot rehearsal &
practice facility, and a fully equipped ballroom for public or private
live music performances and events, a 640 square foot stage, and a
restaurant-style kitchen for catering. Goldmsmith resides in Midland
with his wife Brenda. For more information on Ken Goldsmith, visit www.kengoldsmithmusic.com.

About Dallas Frazier
Born in Spiro, Oklahoma and raised in Bakersfield, California,
National Songwriter’s Association, International Hall of Fame inductee
Dallas Frazier found his calling at the young age of 12. After winning a
singing contest held by entertainment industry veteran Ferlin Husky, he
began working for Husky and honing his inate skills in songwriting and
performing. At age 14, he signed with Capitol Records and, in 1960, had
his first #1 with single Alley Oop, recorded by The Hollywood Argyles. Over the years, Frazier went on to write several more hits, including There Goes My Everything, If My Heart Had Windows, and Mohair Sam. Him
and his wife currently reside on a farm just outside of Nashville,
Tennessee. For more information on Dallas Frazier, visit www.dallasfraziermusic.com

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