Lakeview – Message In A Bottle

CD Single Review: Lakeview – Message In A Bottle

by Antony Bailey for Country Music News International

Country fans around the world need look no further when it comes to discovering fresh talent tipped to make headlines. There is a new country duo turning soundwaves into shockwaves as they make their mark on the thriving country scene. Jesse Denaro and Luke Healy, otherwise known as Lakeview, introduced themselves earlier this year with the release of a sorrowful single titled ‘Message In A Bottle’ on January 29th and followed earlier releases such as ‘Poor Me’ and ‘She Drove Me To The Bar’. The song has received a great reception amidst their following and fellow country musicians situated around the globe.

‘’I guess you ran out of love / Heartbreak’s hard to swallow’’ emphasises the significance of the song’s meaning as the country duo sing and harmonise about the pain of walking away from a broken relationship. The choruses are captivating, enchanting, and ambient whereas the verses piece the music together as the song swings ferociously between anguish and the promise of better times being ahead for the pair.

The vocalists are able to showcase their unique tessituras in addition to expressing the lyrical abilities. By sharing sections of the song in addition to creating elegant two-part harmonies, it demonstrates the tracks level of ambience and emotion which is very much tangible and can literally be both heard and felt from start to finish by the duo’s audience.

After sharing a glimpse of what they are capable of this year and the previous, there is a great deal of excitement with regards to seeing what the guys come up with on their next musical adventure. To keep track of the band’s movements over the New Year, be sure to regularly check out their website and follow their Facebook page to be the first to hear their latest material.

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  1. Message in a bottle! Mix is terribly typical of computer engineered technology and the artist doesn’t appear to be Country, just more of the same, too busy music with tightly cramped vocals and arm waving typical videos!
    Sorry but the hyped up commentary bi-lines are common of trained salespeople. Nothing new or exciting, just the same product of modern, missed the Country mark by a mile of all others who say and sing the same old sad song.

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