Kree Harrison Interview

Kree Harrison Interview by Preshias Harris for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

Kree Harrison, a Texas native now residing
in Music City, first stepped into the role of a singer and performer in her
childhood church and at area rodeos and competitions across the Lone Star
State. Even before she reached her teens, she had amassed a deal with Lyric Street
Records and had become a regular on “The Rosie O’Donnell Show.”

With her family making the move to
Nashville, Kree honed her craft as a singer/songwriter in the vibrant community
even landing performances on iconic stages like the Ryman Auditorium and the
Bluebird Cafe’. The hit TV phenomenon “American Idol” parlayed Kree
onto a national platform where she would rise to become a finalist on the
show’s 12th Season.  Her post-finale
release “All Cried Out” would climb to #34 on Billboard’s Hot Country
Songs Chart.  She’d follow up that
success with her debut album This Old Thing which
landed at #28 on the Billboard Top Country Albums Chart and #20 on their
Heatseeker Album Chart. Kree has grown to become an undeniable artist to watch
with the release of her forthcoming new sophomore album on One Vision Music
Group titled Chosen Family Tree. This personal project is one that she
calls the perfect gumbo of her influences and a further discovery of her own

I shared a ’12 Pack’ of questions with Kree,
and here are her answers.

1. ​What CD is in your player now?

I’m shocked to be asked this since I feel
like no one actually listens to CD’s anymore!
But I do, the one in my CD player is Aretha Franklin’s “This Girl’s In
Love With You.”  

If you could have dinner with a male and dinner with a female, who would
they be?

Aretha Franklin and Roger Miller, I would
love to pick his brilliant brain!

If you could wake up in the body of someone else, who would it be for a

No one. Maybe Oprah. 

I would have loved to been there in music history when..??

Otis Redding is one of my favorites, I
would’ve loved to have a moment in time where I could’ve sang with him. 

5. If you could live anywhere in the
world, where would it be?

As long as I’m near water, I’m good. I
wouldn’t mind living in Hawaii. My Mammie (grandmother) still raves about it
being her favorite place.

6. If you were given a $10,000 gift
card, and you could pick where your $10,000 gift could be from, what store
would it be?

Gibson Guitars! 

7. If the whole world and everything in
it had to be painted one color and you got to pick the color, what color would
you choose?

How boring would just one color be?
Rainbows for days.

8. Name a song, in any genre, that you
wish you had written.

It changes everyday!  I hear songs all the time that I think “AHHHH
wish I would’ve written that!”  Today, it
is “I Believe in You” – Don Williams 

9. Name three things outside food,
clothing, and shelter you would like to be stranded with on a deserted island?

Guitar. Crayons. Paper.

10. If you could record or perform a
song with another artist or group, who would that “dream duet” be?

So many. But, I’d love to do a whole CMT
Crossroads with Al Green.

If price were no object, what would you like for your next birthday?

A 1970 Ford F 100 pickup truck. 

12. Name a hero or role models,
personally and musically?

My sister, Laci. I’ve always thought she
hung the moon. Role model, hero & angel.

Kree Harrison has launched her new Patreon
platform to develop further connections with her fans during the nationwide
quarantine orders. With rewards that include everything from exclusive previews
and video content to house concerts and personal phone calls with the
celebrated vocalist and songwriter. Videos, music and more at

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