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Koe Wetzel – Hell Paso

CD Review: Koe Wetzel – Hell Paso

  By Madison Monroe for Country Music News International Magazine


  1. Welcome to Hell Paso
  2. Creeps
  3. April Showers
  4. Money Spent
  5. Cabo
  6. Oklahoma Sun
  7. So Low
  8. Three Weeks
  9. Cheers
  10. Better Without You
  11. YellaBush Road
  12. Sad Song
  13. To Be Continued


Hell Paso brings something to the table for everyone. It’s a little bit of country and a little bit of rock. The album is just all around Koe. Koe has always been very blunt with his songwriting. “Hell Paso” is no different. Koe brings his real and raw emotion to the table. Some people might say it is “not country”. Everyone has their own take on “country music” and this is what makes this album stand out. It Is just as honest and blunt as Koe is. The fact that Koe writes all of his songs makes this album more relatable. Koe doesn’t try to copy anyone and does it the Koe Wetzel way. This is what makes the album so amazing.

The songs flow and tell a story just as all songs do. Not all ablums flow togother, this is where Hell Paso is different. In the middle of the ablum, Koe has a song called “Cheers”. This song really proves that Koe is here to do his own thing. This is very rare in the music indursty because there are different rules that you have to follow. It is almost as your being held to a standard. In the song, He is basically saying screw the rules. He just wants to be Koe.

The songs themselves tell a story of a very yucky breakup. He does it in a very transparent way. Koe is able to talk about her and what she did. The best part is he is able to tell his side of the story. This is shown perfectly in his song “Three Weeks”. He is talking about how it has been three weeks since they have spoken. This leads to the song titled “So Low”. This track highlights a depressive episode from being without her. This album is very blunt and raw.

Shutout to Koe for making us all feel something with his latest record “Hell Paso”.


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